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What is the material of the folding filter element?

August 03,2023

Folding filter element is a commonly used filter material in industrial filtration.

There are many materials available, such as polypropylene, hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene, hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethersulfone, etc. The selection of filter element materials varies depending on the operating conditions.

This product uses polypropylene composite filter membrane as the main filtering material. This type of filter element is an advanced fixed deep filter element, with a nominal filtration accuracy range of 0.1 μ M to 60 μ M. The filter membrane is not affected by the fluctuation of feed pressure, which affects the filtration accuracy. The folding filter element has the unique advantages of low pressure difference, high throughput, good filtration accuracy, and low economic cost.

In the application field, the scope of foldable filter elements is very broad, as follows:

Reverse osmosis water system, deionized water system pre filtration.

Filter beverages, alcoholic beverages, mineral water, purified water, edible oil, etc.

Filtration of chemical solvents, Fine chemical, ink, etc.

Filtration of medicinal liquids, reagents, and reagents with water.

Others: filtration of biological products, plasma, oilfield reinjection water, gas, etc.

Folding filter features:

1. Relative filtration accuracy, with a folding filter element retention rate of over 90%;

2. Wide chemical compatibility, high flow rate, and low pressure difference;

3. There is no medium detachment phenomenon and it meets the pharmaceutical industry standards;

4. The filtering accuracy range is wide and can meet various application requirements;

5. Adopting hot melt welding process, it is firm and free from product contamination caused by released substances;

6. Chemical methods and online steam sterilization can be used to eliminate jun.

7. The foldable filter element can be cleaned and regenerated, which is cost-effective.

In addition to the above, we also need to know that this type of filter element has low pressure difference, strong dirt holding capacity, long service life, and the filter membrane of the folded filter element is a foldable deep filtration, with a large membrane filtration area.

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