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What is the post-treatment of the high-temperature filter bag production process

August 31,2022

The filter bag has excellent chemical property stability and heat resistance. It is the representative of the highest performance applied in the filter material industry and the highest performance variety of all commonly used filter materials. It has reached a high level in terms of filtration efficiency and filtration accuracy. Common filter materials include PE, PP, PTFE, PMIA, NMO, etc. For example,thepolyester filter bagandPP felt polypropylene filter bag.
Thefilter bagis the key part in the operation of the bag type dust collector. Generally, the cylindrical filter bag is vertically suspended in the dust collector. The fabric and planning of the filter bag should try to seek high-efficiency filtration, easy dust stripping and durable function.
In pulse and air box type pulse dust removers, dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. When the dusty gas passes through the dedusting PTFE filter bag, the dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag, while the clean gas enters the inside of the filter bag through the filter material. The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag and prevent the filter bag from falling. Together, it helps to eliminate and disperse the dust cake from the beginning. Common post-treatment methods:.
1. Burning press treatment, burning press equipment, single-sided and double-sided pleated filter bags of needle felt filter material after treatment have unparalleled advantages in general singeing and calendering treatment, which not only improves the ash cleaning function of filter material, but also satisfies the collection of fine dust.
2. Easy ash removal for filter bag
The needle felt filter material produced by patented technology is dense and breathable, has good ash removal performance, and can work for a long time under high filtration wind speed.
3. Anti static treatment for filter bag: some dust will be burnt or generate static electricity due to conflict when it meets sparks under certain concentration. Therefore, needle felt filter material with anti-static treatment filter bag should be selected for flammable and explosive dust. Anti static filter material refers to mixing in filter material fiber.
4. Waterproof and oil proof treatment for filter bag
The needle felt filter material is treated with fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnation to prevent oil and water. It is easier to collect dust on the surface of wet dust containing gas (especially water absorbing and deliquescent dust) filter bag to avoid and reduce the occurrence of bag sticking.
Conductive fiber (including binary conductive fiber, graphite wire conductive fiber and stainless steel conductive fiber) makes the whole filter material have conductive function.
The material types that can be selected during the production of filter bags are very diverse, and the specifications of the products are relatively complete. The filter bags can also be effectively divided into liquid filter bags, which have efficient working properties in the process of use.
The filter bag is effectively produced by a high-speed industrial sewing machine that can reduce temperature without silicone oil. During use, there will be no problems such as silicone oil pollution. The product will be effectively standardized in terms of its specification and model. The high-temperature dust removal filter bag needs to be completely removed and dried during use, so as to avoid pollution to the filtrate when using the Chinese label.
The filter bag is a very important step in the whole filtration process. The quality of the product also determines the filtration effect to a certain extent. If the quality of the filter bag is not qualified in the process of use, the filtration effect of the equipment will also be seriously affected by the filter bag of the dust collector.
During the production process, the filter bag has a lot of materials and complete specifications. The product can be targeted to meet the application in various fields and play a very important role in the process of use. In the process of practical application, only when the product is applied to the appropriate occasion can it play a more appropriate role

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