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What is the rim liquid filter bag?

January 05,2024

The steel ring filter bag is a specially designed filter assembly whose internal structure contains a steel support ring to enhance the structural stability and service life of the filter bag.

This design is particularly suitable for industrial applications with high pressure, high temperature and high flow rates, and effectively resists mechanical stress, chemical erosion and operating pressure, resulting in long-term stable filtration performance.

The working principle of the steel ring filter bag is based on the physical filtration mechanism, and through its microporous structure and steel ring support, it can effectively capture and separate particles, impurities and suspended matter in the liquid or gas. The addition of steel rings not only enhances the mechanical strength of the filter bag, but also optimizes the hydrodynamic performance, ensuring a stable and long-lasting filtration effect.

The rim filter bag has the following advantages:

Structural stability: the steel filter bag has excellent structural stability and compressive performance, and can withstand the application requirements of high pressure, high temperature and complex working conditions.

Efficient filtration: The filter efficiency and trapping capacity of the steel ring filter bag are excellent, which can effectively remove particles and impurities at the micron level and above, meeting strict industry standards and quality requirements.

Corrosion resistance: Using high-quality steel and special anti-corrosion treatment, the steel filter bag has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of corrosive media and harsh environments.

Steel filter bags are widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, water treatment, food processing and environmental protection and other industrial fields. Especially in the application of liquid filtration and gaseous purification, it has been favored by the majority of users and industries because of its efficient filtration performance, stable operating characteristics and long life.

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