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What is the standard of making bag cage?

February 28,2024

The "Filter cage" is an important component used to support the Filter Bag and is often used in dust removal equipment in the industrial field. Its production standards usually involve material selection, size specifications, processing technology and quality control.

The criteria for creating a Filter cage may vary depending on the specific application and industry standards, but typically include the following:

Material selection: Usually used materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. Materials should be selected in accordance with relevant material standards and performance requirements to ensure corrosion resistance, strength and durability.

Size specifications: The size of the Filter cage should be designed according to the size of the specific filter equipment and filter bag to ensure good fit and performance.

Processing technology: The processing process of making Filter cage usually includes welding, bending, forming and other steps. These processes need to meet the relevant processing standards and quality requirements to ensure that the Filter cage has good structural strength and stability.

Quality control: Strict quality control is required in the process of making Filter cage, including quality inspection of materials, monitoring of processing technology, inspection of finished products, etc., to ensure that Filter cage meets the design requirements and use standards.

In addition, for specific industries and applications, there may be some additional production standards and requirements, such as food-grade filter cages may need to meet specific hygiene standards, and filter cages in the medical field may need to meet specific medical device standards.

Therefore, when making Filter cage, it is necessary to select and implement the corresponding production standards according to the specific application and requirements.

SFFILTEECH filter bag cage technical performance parameters:

(1) Material: 20# steel; External surface silicone spraying process

(2) Specification: reinforcement specification: ①3.8mm; Number of vertical bars: 10; Ring distance: 200mm.

(3) All the solder joints of the bag cage should be soldered firmly, and no dewelding, virtual welding and missing welding are allowed.

(4) The surface of the bag cage and the filter bag should be smooth and clean, and no welding scars, bumps and burrs are allowed.

(5) The surface of the bag cage is treated with silicone coating.

(6) The diameter tolerance should be 1% of the diameter of the W frame.

(7) Length tolerance shall be 2% of W frame length.

(8) Perpendicularity tolerance shall be 2% of W frame length.

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