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What kind of filter bag is better for a coking plant?

May 06,2023

The selection of dust collector bags in coking plants needs to be analyzed and selected based on specific circumstances. The following are some common material selection principles:

High temperature resistance: The temperature of smoke and dust generated during the coking process is very high, and the dust removal bag is required to have high temperature resistance. It is generally recommended to choose materials with temperature resistance above 200 ℃, such as PPS filter bags, P84 fabric filter bags, PTFE fiber filter bags, etc.

Corrosion resistance: The gas generated during the coking process contains a large amount of acidic substances and oxides, which requires the dust removal cloth bag to have good corrosion resistance. It is recommended to choose materials with good acid and alkali resistance, such as PTFE filter bags and high-temperature P84 filter bags.

Sieve size: Depending on different filtration requirements, different sizes of sieve sizes can be selected, typically between 0.2 and 1.0 microns.

Filter bag structure: Different filter bag structures can be selected based on the specific equipment structure and installation method, such as cylindrical filter bags, sleeve filter bags, star shaped filter bags, etc.

Filtration efficiency: According to specific environmental requirements, different filtration efficiencies are selected, usually above 99%.

It should be noted that different filter cloth bags have different performance and applicability. When purchasing, it is necessary to choose according to the specific equipment situation and filtration requirements. At the same time, it is also necessary to choose reliable manufacturers with good quality and service to ensure the use effect and service life.

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