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What kind of filter bags are generally used for asphalt mixing equipment?

November 24,2022

Thedust filter bag for asphaltmixing plant shall have the following characteristics:

1、 Excellent temperature resistance: It can operate continuously at 204 ℃ (instantaneous temperature 240 ℃), and can withstand repeated 240 ℃ instantaneous temperature fluctuations.

2、 Excellent dimensional stability: only less than 1% thermal shrinkage at 204 ℃, with excellent high temperature stability.

3、 Proud fire resistance: it starts to decompose and carbonize at 400 ℃, the limiting oxygen index (LOI) is 30, and it does not self-ignite or support combustion.

4、 Good chemical resistance: Low concentration of acid and alkali and most hydrocarbons will not affect it, and even a small amount of fluoride will not significantly corrode it.

According to the working conditions of the dust remover in the concrete mixing plant, we summarized the common filter materials in the asphalt mixing plant: aramid, aramid composite filter materials, etc.

When asphalt mixing equipment uses heavy oil, coal or other impurities as fuel, it is necessary to adopt different post-treatment methods for needle felt filter materials such as aramid fiber to adapt to different use requirements. In particular, if high sulfur heavy oil and impure oil are used as fuel for asphalt mixing, or the raw materials have high water content, the dust burned by asphalt mixing equipment will be sticky, and the flue gas composition will be acidic. Therefore, the use of acid proof, oil proof and waterproof aramid, needled felt and other filter materials can greatly improve the wear resistance, high resistance, acid alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance and dimensional stability of the needled felt filter materials, and improve the dust removal performance, dust removal efficiency and the service life of the bag. Therefore, (aramid) and aramid heat resistant needle felt filter materials are ideal filter materials for dust collectors of asphalt concrete equipment, and can maintain high strength and wear resistance after long-term use.

SFFILTECH is made by international brand-new process. Each square meter of filter material is subject to high temperature heat setting treatment, which largely ensures the dimensional stability of the filter material. The filter material can be singed, calendered, coated, impregnated, coated, waterproof and oil proof according to different working conditions. Thedust filter bagis specially made according to the requirements of the customer’s dedusting equipment to ensure the close fit between the filter bag and the patterned plate and avoid dust leakage from the patterned plate hole.

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