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What kind of vibrating filter bag is used for mining?

August 09,2023

The filter bag of the mine vibrating screen is a filter material specifically used for the dust collection equipment of the mine vibrating screen. Its function is to collect and filter the dust particles generated by the mine vibrating screen.

Material selection:Mine vibrating screen filter bags usually use wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant filter material. Common materials include polyester fiber, polyester fiber needle felt, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating, etc. Choosing appropriate materials can ensure the durability and filtration effect of the filter bag in harsh environments.

Adaptation to dust characteristics: The dust particles generated by mining vibrating screens usually have a larger particle size and high humidity, so the filtering efficiency and anti clogging performance of the cloth bag are required to be high. The fiber structure of the cloth bag should have good ability to capture and retain dust, while effectively preventing blockage and dust infiltration.

Bag structure: Mine vibrating screen filter bags usually adopt a bag type filter structure, which means the bag is in a long cylindrical shape and is supported and fixed in the equipment through the bag skeleton. The selection of the skeleton should consider the length, diameter, and structural dimensions of the fabric bag to ensure its stability and adaptability.

Ash cleaning method: During the use of mining filter bags, dust will continue to accumulate. To maintain the filtering effect, regular ash cleaning operations are required. Common cleaning methods include reverse blowing cleaning, mechanical vibration cleaning, etc. The cleaning frequency and method should be adjusted reasonably according to the actual situation.

Bag maintenance: To ensure the service life and filtering effect of the vibrating screen filter bag, regular maintenance and inspection are required. Maintenance work includes regular cleaning, replacing severely worn fabric bags, repairing the fabric bag skeleton, etc.

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