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What should be paid attention to when installing FFU?

October 28,2022

Installation steps of FFU:

1. The clean work area must be closed.

2. All ceiling frames have been installed and leveled.

3. The installation personnel shall be equipped with uniform clean clothes to prevent man-made pollution to the ffu box and high efficiency filter.

4. Before installation, face the new FFU to the bright spot, and visually observe whether the high efficiency filter is damaged due to transportation and other reasons. If the filter paper has leaks, it cannot be used.

5. The FFU shall be shut down for installation.

6. First, the fan unit is uploaded to the keel through two or three groups of personnel. In this process, it should be noted that the fan unit should be tilted at the entrance and exit to prevent damage to the fan unit.

7. In the same way, the high efficiency filter is transferred to the keel and combined with the keel. The filter element inside the filter frame is very fragile and vulnerable. In the process of installation and transmission, you can only hold its frame tightly and handle it with care. Do not touch the filter element inside it, and resolutely avoid collision with the filter element. During connection with keel, pay attention to the direction of the air outlet surface of the high efficiency filter should be downward

8. The next step is the installation of the fan unit and HEPA. The fan unit should be placed close to HEPA. The installation should be careful to prevent damage to HEPA. After installation, check whether their joints are even and tight, and ensure that the box cover is returned to the original position after the frame is sealed.

Pay attention to the following issues when choosing to install FFU.

1. Noise control
The fans of FFUfan filter unitare generally used in parallel by several or even dozens of fans. The superposition of FFU noise shall be considered when designing. Therefore, when selecting the fan, it is better to select high-performance, press out type, direct drive rear radial blade fan, which can reduce the overall noise.

2. Selection of fan housing
When selecting the housing structure of FFU fan, it is necessary to consider not only to avoid the leakage of the fan and eliminate the damage caused during transportation and handling, but also to consider the disinfection with disinfectant and the environment in which the FFU is used. Therefore, stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials are selected as the housing.

3. Selection of keel frame
Since the FFUfan filter unitis directly installed in the ceiling frame room, in order to make the filter replacement simple and fast, and to keep the FFU fan operation balanced, the probability of unbalanced installation is reduced. Therefore, professional supporting keel frame is generally considered. This kind of keel frame is made of section steel that is mechanically cold-rolled into a special geometric shape (U-shape). The metal surface is subject to anti-corrosion treatment (such as electrostatic spraying, hot and cold galvanizing, epoxy, etc.) according to its different environment, which can not only ensure the strength of similar channel steel, but also meet the requirements of FFU operation.

4. Selection of operation mode
At present, FFU generally adopts single-phase multi speed AC motor, three-phase multi speed AC motor and DC motor. The power supply voltage of the motor is roughly 110V, 220V, 270V and 380V.

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