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What type of dust removal bag is better for building materials factories?

December 14,2022

Building materials factory is composed of many units, such as laboratory workshop, drying workshop, manufacturing workshop, grinding workshop, packaging workshop, etc. A large amount of dust will be produced in each production link, which will directly endanger the health of workers, and the exhaust gas will also cause serious pollution to the atmospheric environment. Therefore, we need to deal with all kinds of pollution caused by building materials factories in a timely manner. The dedusting bag can solve this problem well. Generally, there are many kinds of workshops in the building materials factory, and the working conditions are relatively complex. Generally, we choose anti-static and dust removal cloth bags for dust removal and filtration. Theanti-static filter bagis made of anti-static needle felt, which has excellent anti-static performance.

For example,polyester anti-static dust collection filter bagcan solve this problem well. Weight: 500, thickness: 1.8, working temperature: ≤ 130 ℃, instantaneous temperature: 150 ℃, acid resistance: good, alkali resistance: medium, used in flour dust, chemical dust, pulverized coal dust and other industries that may explode in case of electrostatic discharge, it is the best choice for explosion-proof dust collection at present.

SFFILTECH is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of dust filtration and liquid filtration. Dust collection filter bags (mainly polyester, aramid, glass fiber, PPS, PTFE, P84 and composite series filter materials) have been widely used in cement, steel, glass furnace, waste incineration power generation, biomass power generation, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industries!

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