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What working conditions are different filter cloths suitable for?

August 15,2022

What kind of filters and working conditions are suitable for industrial filter cloth? I think this is a matter of concern. What fields are suitable for what kind of industrial filter cloth?

Vertical filter cloth (polypropylene and polyester materials), which are suitable for metallurgy, electric power, roommate, non-ferrous metals, mining, chemical industry, etc. The material used is the same as that of the horizontal belt, which depends on the working environment. Polyester filter cloth polyester filter cloth is acid resistant and weak alkali resistant. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good recovery, poor conductivity, temperature resistance between 130-150 degrees Celsius. Polypropylene filter cloth is divided into polypropylene short fiber filter cloth and polypropylene long fiber filter cloth. Polypropylene short fiber, short fiber, spinning belt wool, polypropylene long fiber, long fiber, light veil.

The material of frame filter cloth is also divided into polypropylene and polyester, and frame filter cloth is also divided into ordinary frame and high-energy frame. The high-energy frame filter cloth is added with the vulcanization process on the basis of the ordinary frame, which is suitable for the dehydration of copper concentrate, nickel concentrate, gold mine tailings, sludge, etc. The sealing and wear resistance of high-energy frame are much stronger than that of frame.

The electrolytic filter membrane cloth is made of polyester / cotton. Electrolysis is definitely used in the field of electrolysis, commonly used in nickel electrolysis, nickel electrodeposition, electrolytic copper and other fields. Polyester cotton material has good thermal insulation, and the filter electrolytic membrane bag ensures stable water permeability, with a guarantee rate of more than 97%.

Power plant desulfurization filter cloth is specially developed for desulfurization of thermal power plants. Thermal power plants use polyester materials, which are high temperature resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

The filter cloth of leaf filter adopts polypropylene multifilament products, which is commonly used for alumina long filtration. It has good cake removal performance, slow scarring, and reduces operating costs. Parameters can be modified according to customer requirements. What kind of filter press, vertical, horizontal, cantilever, filter cloth selection is a method. Proper filter cloth can improve the filtration efficiency and give consideration to the interception rate of particles. The air permeability must be appropriate. Too large particles cannot be intercepted, and too small particles will block the filter cloth. In both cases, cake will not form.

Suitable for the temperature of filter material. According to different temperature and pressure, the filter cloth materials that can be selected at present mainly include polypropylene and nylon. Polypropylene is commonly used. Choose monofilament, monofilament multifilament or multifilament multifilament according to the abrasiveness of the material. Polypropylene (PP) ornylon filter clothis not sensitive to acid and alkali. Generally, pH value does not need to be considered.We also havePe filter clothswith better performance,They are a type ofliquid filterif you need a liquid filter, please contact our filter bag manufacturer.

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