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What’s the reason why the bag filter cannot be sealed

March 24,2023

1. The filter cloth is not placed correctly. Because the structure of the filter chamber is to cut the filter plate and filter cloth into each other and press them into shape, usually there is no problem with the filter plate, and the rest is the filter cloth. A seal must be formed between the combined filter plates, the key role of which is the filter cloth. Coil the filter chamber to see if the filter cloth of the bag filter is wrinkled or if the edge of the filter cloth is damaged. The wrinkling or breakage of the natural filter cloth only constitutes a gap between the filter plates, and the natural filter chamber does not form a seal.

2. Insufficient pressure in the working bag filter. The filter chamber must be completely closed, and the filter plate and filter cloth must withstand pressure to complete the closed filter chamber structure. When the pressure is insufficient, the pressure acting on the filter plate is less than the pressure of the filtrate, and the natural filtrate will not move to the point where it can penetrate the gap;

3. The bag filter is deformed or damaged. When the edge of the filter plate is damaged, even if it is slightly protruding and even if one side is frequently worn, the side plate will come into contact with other filter plates. The formed filter chamber will permeate regardless of pressure. This is judged based on the situation of the leak point, as the filter plates that make up the permeable plate will generally be damaged and may even erupt.

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