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When should I replace my filter bag?

January 07,2023

Since the filter bag has a specified life, it needs to be replaced in time when the effect drops to a corresponding level in the past. How do you decide when should I replace my filter bag?

When to replace the dust collection filter bag?

The use of filter bags in bag dust collectors is inevitable. In the bag type dust collector, the filter bag can be said to be the heart of the dust collector. If the filter bag is intact, it can filter dust. Conversely, the purification effect of bag type dust collection equipment cannot be guaranteed. Bag type dust collectors are divided into different types of small dust collectors, which we call single machine dust collectors. Large bag type dust collectors also have many types, such as pulse dust collectors, offline pulse dust collectors, long bag offline pulse dust collectors, etc. However, no matter what type of dust collector is, filter bag must be selected. The filter bag of the dust collector will be polished slowly with the passage of time, resulting in damage. Therefore, the filter bag of bag type dust collector has a service cycle. How often should the filter bag of the bag dust collector be replaced?

Generally speaking, if the filter bag of the dust collector is not damaged or is not damaged to a large extent, it can be blocked first and not replaced to ensure that the equipment continues to work, but it is still necessary to buy a new one to replace it. When a single filter bag is damaged in a small area, the old cloth bag or a new filter cloth of the same material can be used to fill the hole. The hole filling method is to use silicone rubber mixture for bonding, as long as the use temperature and chemical properties of the adhesive are consistent with the process conditions.

Theoretically, the replacement cycle of the filter bag of the dust collector is 4-5 years. Generally, it is 2 years for most working conditions, except for special high temperature, high sulfur and other conditions.

The bottom of the filter bag is gradually worn. The main reasons for the wear are the grinding force of the dust, the deterioration of the filter material caused by high temperature and the corrosion of chemical substances. When the grinding force of the dust is very strong, the bag bottom is most worn, and the increase of the system capacity will lead to the improvement of the filtering speed.

After most filter bags are damaged, they should be replaced completely. After a long time of operation, the fine dust in the filter material layer will reduce its permeability, and the impact on the system air volume should be replaced. Damaged filter bags shall not be used for dust removal, otherwise the scrapping of dust collectors will be accelerated.

It is better to replace the filter bag when the dust collector stops working. At this time, the ash discharge controller should be closed, the top manhole door should be opened, and the cloth bag can be removed. When removing, the bag cage should be removed first, then the spring ring at the upper mouth of the cloth bag should be pinched into a concave shape, and the cloth bag should be pulled out upwards. Before installing a new cloth bag, the dust at the patterned plate hole should be removed.

When to replace the filter bag of liquid filter?

1) Confirm the replacement time roughly according to experience. In the case of fixed quantity, the filter bag needs to be replaced every 3-4 months.

2) A pressure gauge is installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the bag type dust remover. The replacement time of the filter bag is determined by the pressure difference between the front and rear pressure gauges. Generally, the pressure difference that the filter bag can withstand is about 0.5~1kg/cm. When the differential pressure reaches this range, the filter bag shall be replaced in time to prevent the filter bag from cracking and affecting the filtering effect.

3) Differential pressure indication: when the differential pressure exceeds 0.10Mpa (15Psi), it is recommended to replace the filter bag. If the differential pressure is continuously exceeded, it will not only reduce the cumulative flow of pollutants, but also increase the risk of filter bag cracking. The committed large differential pressure is 0.23Mpa (35Psi).

Remove the old filter bag: when the system is running, the pressure is too high, which may embed the filter bag into the porous basket, and it is difficult to remove the filter bag. In this case, do not drag the filter bag hard, otherwise the fuse line will be torn and the seal ring may be pulled off.

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