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Where can air filters be used?

August 31,2022

Air filters are widely used. At present, air filters are widely used in many fields besides industrial applications. Basically, many industries are inseparable from the use of air filters. Let me explain where air filters can be used.
1、 Application ofair filterin industrial oil: filtration of diesel, gasoline, kerosene, lubricating oil and transformer oil.
2、 Application of air filter in pharmaceutical production: needle liquid filtration and precise filtration of injection bottle washing water in injection production of pharmaceutical industry, decolorization and decarbonization filtration of decolorized liquid and powdered activated carbon, microfiltration of catalyst (palladium carbon, copper, manganese, iron, nickel, etc.), fine filtration of Chinese herbal extract, fine filtration of medicinal wine tonic liquid, fermentation liquid filtration.
3、 Application of air filter in wastewater treatment: heavy metal wastewater (electroplating wastewater, circuit board production wastewater, hot-dip galvanizing wastewater), battery wastewater, magnetic material wastewater, etc., fluorine-containing wastewater filtration, coal mine wastewater filtration, coal yard waste water filtration, chemical production waste water containing suspended solids filtration, electronic and optical lens grinding liquid filtration, pigment emulsion waste paint water precision filtration.
4、 Application of air filter in food production: high maltose syrup, activated carbon superfine fine filtration of glucose solution, decarbonization and decolorization filtration of monosodium glutamate, precision filtration of yeast and soybean protein, fine filtration of fruit juice, orange juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, tomato juice, hawthorn juice, carrot juice, Luhui juice, cactus juice, soy sauce and vinegar, fine filtration of mineral water, Baijiu, beer, yellow wine, wine, cooking wine, beverage, etc.
5、 The application of air filter in fine chemical industry: silicon sulfate, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol filtration, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, methanol, ethanol, acetone filtration, iron free aluminum sulfate, chloroform, dichloroammonia, chlorine filtration, crystal salt, secondary brine and alkali liquor desalting filtration, and the filtration of barium sulfate and barium sulfide in the production of lithopone.
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