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Which material is selected for dust collection filter bag of waste incineration plant

November 24,2022

Rubbish incineration will produce smoke, dust and harmful gas, so bag type dust remover is required for treatment, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution and harm the environment. The flue gas from garbage incineration contains sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other components. It is very important to know the details of the application environment when selecting thegarbage filter bag.

The following factors are mainly considered in the selection ofdust filter bag materials for waste incinerationpower generation: high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. In addition, due to the high humidity of flue gas generated by waste incineration, hydrolysis resistance is also a necessary condition to be considered when selecting filter material.

PTFE coated filter materials commonly used in garbage incinerators include PPS dust removal cloth bags, P84 dust removal cloth bags and glass fiber expanded yarn woven dust removal cloth bags.

1. PTFE filter bag and PTFE needle felt filter bag are made of PTFE fiber+PTFE base cloth, without adding any raw materials and additives and changing the original characteristics of PTFE. The product has good temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high filtration efficiency, low running resistance and long service life.

2. PPS membrane covered filter bag, the so-called membrane covering is made of PTFE, which has been specially processed by high-tech, and extended into a continuous porous fine structure with extremely strong and soft texture, which is hot coated on the surface of the needle felt. It has a finer and more uniform structure than other materials, so the porosity is very high. Even the micro powder can indeed be trapped. In addition, it is PTFE coated material, so it has high release and heat resistance. PPS filter media has large space gap ratio, good permeability, wide application range and strong chemical resistance. It can not only filter normal temperature gas, but also filter acid and alkali corrosive gas, filter water, filter oil under normal temperature, liquid-solid separation, etc. Film coated PPS needle felt filter bag combines the advantages of film coating and pps material.

3. P84 coated dust collection bags and P84 filter bags are widely used in garbage incineration power plants, cement plants, iron and steel plants, coal-fired boilers and other industries. After coating, dust removal efficiency can be improved.

4. Glass fiber membrane filter bag and glass fiber membrane filter bag have been widely used in high-temperature bag filter with excellent effect, especially in large-scale high-temperature bag filter. The glass fiber membrane covered filter material produced by this technology has high dust removal efficiency, low running resistance, long service life, no membrane falling off, and can work at 260oC for a long time.

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