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Why do industrial production use PP plastic bag filter housing?

May 11,2022

PP plastic bag filter housing is a multi-functional purification equipment with novel structure, small size, simple practical operation, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and strong universality. Bag filter is a new type of filtering device. Do you know why bag filters are used in industrial production? Below, let’s explain the six advantages of bag filter:


1. Water and electricity saving


Because the fully enclosed structure design is adopted, the phenomena of running, emitting, dripping, leakage and seepage are eliminated in the process of operation. It can be directly connected in series with the tap water pipe network to avoid the waste of water resources for regular cleaning of the water tank.


2. Safe and reliable


Because the investment cost and installation cost of PP plastic bag filter housing are low, using this equipment in industrial production can save more than 50% of the investment. In addition, the bag filter we use now has a bypass pipe, which can be directly connected to the user’s pipe network. In case of maintenance equipment, the treated tap water can also enter the user’s pipe network through the bypass pipe, which is safe and reliable.


3. Convenient management


The PP plastic bag filter housing with exquisite design has a high degree of automation, and each operation can be completed automatically. The protection function of the equipment is complete, the reliability is high, and the operation and use are simple and convenient. In case of power failure and water cut-off, it will stop automatically, and the incoming water will start automatically..


4. Save total investment


If you use this equipment, you don’t need to build another pool or water tank, which saves the use of the equipment. Moreover, the equipment covers a small area, the capital construction cost is low, the complete set leaves the factory, and the construction cycle is short. It is the only choice in many industrial fields!


5. No pollution


The water treated by PP plastic bag filter housing passes through a sealed container, which is made of food grade stainless steel. The residence time of water in it is very short and the flow rate is fast, so it will not cause pollution, save the use of equipment and avoid the problem of secondary pollution.


6. Energy conservation and environmental protection


The intelligent pipe network in this equipment can boost pressure by relay based on the pressure of the original pipe network. If the water supply pressure of the pipe network meets the requirements, stop the pump. At this time, make full use of the original pressure of the tap water pipe network for superposition and pressurization, and make up for the difference, which will not cause waste


It is precisely because PP plastic bag filter housing has these advantages that it will be valued by industrial production. For more information, please contact themanufacturer of PP plastic liquid bag filter housing.


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