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Why do large mining companies choose pulse filter bag dust collection baghouse equipment?

May 26,2023

Large mining dust collection equipment usually requires the use of efficient pulse dust baghouse for dust treatment. The following are its main working principles and advantages:

SFFILTECHpulse dust collectoris a filtering device that captures dust from the gas through a filter bag. Its main working principle is as follows:

(1) The gas enters the box of the dust collector and enters the bag room after pre-treatment.

(2) The dust particles in the pre-treated gas are trapped on the surface of the cloth bag.

(3) When a certain amount of dust accumulates on the surface of the filter bag, high-pressure gas is sprayed onto the surface of the filter bag through a pulse blowing system to expand it, causing the dust to fall off and fall into the dust hopper, completing the dust removal operation.

SFFILTECHpulse filter bag baghousehas the following advantages:

(1) Efficient dust collection: It can effectively capture mining dust, reduce dust emission concentration, and meet environmental requirements.

(2) Energy saving and consumption reduction: Adopting advanced pulse cleaning technology can reduce the frequency and intensity of cleaning, and save energy.

(3) Easy operation and maintenance: The dust collector has a simple structure and is easy to use and maintain.

(4) Long lifespan: The use of high-quality wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant cloth bags extends the service life of the dust collector.

In summary, SFFILTECH pulse dust collection baghouse has broad application prospects in miningdust collection equipment, which can help enterprises meet environmental standards, improve production efficiency, and reduce costs.

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