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Why do we need to set air filters at the production site?

February 25,2023

Many enterprises consider the use of air filters on the production site to be futile. But is this really the case? In fact, as a production site, especially high-tech production site, need to be equipped with air filters. This is mainly because these workshop production has some characteristics. Today, the chief editor and everyone together to investigate the production site why the need for high-quality air filters.
First, the site pollution is serious.
In the production site, mechanical operation, material processing, easy to appear dust particles. These dust particles can cause harm to human body, but also affect the normal production process of enterprises. If the products produced by enterprises are precise, the quality of these dust particles has nothing to do with the products, and it is easy to be directly discarded. Therefore, dust particles can be said to be an important problem in the production site. (HEPA filter manufacturer)
In addition, at the production site, the concentration of PM2.5 is particularly high, and this pollution is extremely harmful and is currently a major health hazard. Less than 2.5 particles may go directly into blood vessels. These particles themselves are rich in harmful substances, is the source of cancer. The use of air filter, effectively disperse these pollutants, to ensure the production site environment clean, to protect the health of employees and production order. (HEPA filter manufacturer)
Another type of pollution at the production site comes from formaldehyde and other chemicals. This pollution is mainly found in paint factories and other places. Generally speaking, in some car assembly plants, car painting must be done in the absence of wind. However, high levels of formaldehyde in paint can seriously interfere with the health of employees. Therefore, factories usually install air filters to filter harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Reduce the concentration and protect the health of personnel.
Two, workshop oxygen is too low.
Many people wonder why oxygen levels in the workplace are so low. In a normal scene, with good ventilation, this would not happen. However, in closed factories, this can happen. Some factories prevent foreign particles from interfering with their production, so the doors and Windows are tightly packed. Many workers may experience low oxygen in the plant. If this goes on for a long time, it’s easy for employees to get dizzy and sullen. Therefore, the installation of air filters can exchange air with the outside in real time to ensure the entry of fresh air, ensure the physical safety of employees, and improve the production efficiency of the factory.
The above describes the reasons why the air filter must be set up in the production site. In practice, if you can install high quality air filters, it can still promote production

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