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Why does Flumex filter bag withstand high temperature?

February 27,2024

The excellent high temperature resistance of the coated FMS dust bag is due to its unique composite filter material and surface coating technology. Flamex is a multi-integrated excellent high-performance polymer material, combining the advantages of glass fiber, P84 fiber, PTFE fiber and other high-performance fibers. It has many excellent properties, including high temperature stability, chemical inertness, low friction coefficient, etc.

Specifically, the reason why Flumis filter bag can withstand high temperature is mainly due to the following reasons:

High melting point: Flumas has a high melting point, generally above 327 degrees Celsius. This allows Flumez material to maintain its structural stability under high temperature environment, without softening, deformation and other problems.

Chemical resistance: Flumas has excellent chemical stability and can resist the erosion of various chemical substances such as acids, alkalis and solvents. This allows Flumas filter bags to maintain their original properties at high temperatures.

Non-adhesive: Flumas has very low surface energy because of the surface coating technology. This film has excellent thermal stability, which can reduce the direct contact between dust and filter material, so that its surface is not easy to adhere to dust, dirt and other substances, even under high temperature conditions, it is not easy to adhere, so as to reduce the thermal damage of high temperature flue gas to filter material, which is conducive to the cleaning of the filter bag and the extension of service life. At the same time, it enhances the dust repulsion of the filter material, further improves the dust removal efficiency and the temperature resistance of the bag.

Flexibility: Flumex material has a certain degree of flexibility, can maintain its softness and elasticity at high temperatures, and is not prone to embrittlement or fracture.

Therefore, filter bags made of Flumas can work stably in high temperature environments and have a long service life, so they are widely used in filter materials in high temperature industrial fields.

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