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Why does the pharmaceutical industry use bag filters?

December 03,2022

The pharmaceutical industry generates a large amount of industrial sewage every day. This is because the production line of the pharmaceutical factory uses a lot of water in the production of products, and the sewage cannot be directly discharged. Sewage contains a large number of chemicals and various organic and inorganic substances. Direct discharge will pollute the environment and surface water, causing more water pollution. Wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry is generally discharged after being treated by the wastewater treatment system. The large flow bag filter housing is one of the equipment often used in the wastewater treatment of the pharmaceutical industry.

Working principle of large flow bag filter housing in pharmaceutical industry

The large flow bag filter housing in the pharmaceutical industry is a pressure type filter device, which is mainly composed of filter cylinder, filter cylinder cover, quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforcement screen and other major components. The filtrate flows into the filter bag through the side inlet pipe of the filter shell, and the filtered liquid medium is pressed or pumped into the bag filter barrel through the pressure in the pipe. The liquid medium to be filtered supports the filtration of the filter bag supported by the filter blue through the electro polishing punching hole, The result that the changed solid and liquid respectively arrive at the liquid medium and are filtered.

Liquid filter bag and suctionfilter housing filter bag, also known as decompression filter bag, are filter elements installed in the re suction filter device, belonging to vacuum filter equipment. The filtering principle of the suction filter is to use the air pump to reduce the pressure in the suction filter, so as to show the solid-liquid separation. The liquid filter bag is the key to achieve the separation purpose and effect of the suction filter.

Common liquid filter bag materials are polypropylene and polyester. Polypropylene fiber is a commonly used industrial filter cloth material. It is acid resistant and alkali resistant. The high temperature for normal use is about 90 ℃. The big advantage of this material is its portability; Polyester material is acid resistant, weak alkali resistant, and has good mechanical properties. Generally, polyester can be used at 130 ℃~150 ℃, and has a high cost performance ratio.

The large flow bag filter in the pharmaceutical industry has reasonable overall structure, good sealing, strong circulation ability, small size, simple operation and long service life. It can be directly connected to the sewage tank of the production line. Its big advantage is that it has a large water yield, which can reach hundreds of tons per hour. In addition, the side leakage rate of the filter bag is small, which can ensure the filtering accuracy. The filter bag cleaning and replacement are very convenient, and the side in and bottom out method is more consistent with the characteristics of sewage treatment in the pharmaceutical industry.

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