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Why should a reasonable wind speed be set during the use of air filter materials?

August 22,2022

Air filter materials generally refer to primary effect filter cotton, medium effect filter cotton and high-efficiency filter paper, and the equipment made of these materials is called air filter. Each type of air filter material has its own characteristics. Let’s mainly talk about the setting of wind speed during the use of primary air filter cotton. For example, thepaint booth filter.

Primary effect filter cotton is mainly made of polyester fiber through carding, mesh laying and heat bonding. The fibers are closely combined by 4D low melting point fiber through heat fusion. To understand why the air filter cotton needs to set a reasonable filtering wind speed, we must first look at the working principle of the air filter cotton. We also have other pre-filtration air filter products such ashigh efficiency synthetic filter

When the dusty gas passes through the air filter cotton, the dust particles also pass through the primary filter cotton along with the air. At this time, the fiber of the filter cotton intercepts part of the dust particles. When the air bypasses the fiber, part of the dust particles cannot pass through the fiber and are intercepted. The closer the fiber is, the more dust particles are intercepted. After the interception, collision, inertia, diffusion and electrostatic action of the fiber, The primary filter cotton can effectively block about 90% of the 5 micron dust particles.

Let’s take a look at the calculation method of wind speed.
A is the area of air filtration, calculated in m2;
L is the air volume, calculated in m3 / h;
V is the wind speed, calculated in M / S;
The calculation formula of wind speed is: v = L / A / 3600
3600 here is 3600s.

Generally speaking, the smaller the wind speed, the better the filtration effect. Too large a wind speed will reduce the interception rate of the fiber, so that the dust particles originally intercepted will be taken away by the wind speed, which greatly reduces the filtration efficiency.

Generally speaking, the filtration wind speed of the primary filter cotton is reasonable at about 1-1.5m/s. When the air volume is large, we need to increase the filtration area to ensure the filtration wind speed, instead of blindly increasing the wind speed.
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