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Working Principle of High Viscosity Liquid Backwash Filter Housing

May 12,2022

Filtering state: liquid is injected from the inlet of high viscosity liquid backwashing filter housing, flows from top to bottom, and flows to the outlet through the inner surface of filter element; when the pressure difference is set to a certain time, the cleaning of the surface shall be carried out according to the set pressure difference. The leadingbackwashing filter housing manufacturer-Shanghai Sffiltech


Cleaning state: the cylinder drives the cleaning disc to move in a straight line. These parts of impurities fall into the collection chamber with the descending liquid through the cleaning disc. Repeat cleaning several times until the filter element is cleaned.



Figure 1: during normal operation: the blow down valve is closed and the cleaning device remains stationary in the filter screen


Figure 2: primary flushing stage: the blow down valve is opened and large particle impurities are filtered out. At this time, it is controlled by the time controller and differential pressure controller.


Figure 3: secondary flushing stage: the cleaning device moves up and down at the filter screen to remove particle impurities and discharge them out of the chamber.


Control mode of backwash filter housing for high viscosity liquid


There are two control modes for the cleaning of high viscosity liquid backwash filter: automatic control backwash filter and manual control backwash filter.


Automatic control: automatic control has two modes: timing and differential pressure. Set the filter time on the filter time timer. When the filter time is up, start the blow down, and the blow down time is set by the blow down time timer; at the same time, the control system compares the system pressure difference with the pressure difference set by the user in real time. When the system pressure difference reaches the set pressure difference, the filter is also cleaned and discharged, and the discharge time is set by the discharge time timer. After the blow down is completed, stop cleaning, and the system returns to its initial state to prepare for the next filtration process.


Manual control: turn the manual / automatic selection switch on the operation panel to the manual position to discharge the filter. Users can choose two control modes according to their needs. See the operation section below for specific operations.


Application ranges of high viscosity liquid backwash filter housing:


  1. Hot water circulation system for heating and heating in heating system.


  1. Medium Cooling and freezing circulating water system of central air conditioner, chiller and refrigerator.


  1. Industrial and civil cooling water, process cooling circulating water system.


  1. Use geothermal water for bathing, heating circulation system, etc.


  1. It is used to protect cooling equipment, heat exchange devices, air conditioners, boilers, etc.


  1. The equipment is applicable to a wide range of industries, including construction, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, rubber, paper making, light textile, coal, food and other industries.


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