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Hidlo Aer cyn hidlo

  • https://www.sffiltech.com/img/paint_booth_filter_class_m5_to_m6.jpg
  • https://www.sffiltech.com/upfile/2018/01/18/20180118091406_988.jpg

Dosbarth hidlo bwth paent M5 i M6


Cyfryngau: Ffibr polyester
Gostyngiad pwysau terfynol a argymhellir: 450Pa
Tymheredd: uchafswm o 100ºC mewn gwasanaeth parhaus
Flammability: F1 self extinguishing(DIN53438)

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Pre air filter used in before the filtering progress, it can filter the big size dust first.
So we use the thicker fiber to make the polyester felt and sewn or welded into the pre filter, the

Built up by high-quality original polyester fiber
Progressively built up thermal bonded fiber, from the upstream to the downstream, changed from sparse to compact. So as to get full deep particle collection and low pressure drop
Treated with special adhesive at 3D processing, ensures that each fiber covered with glue, prevent dust loss due to vibration 3D
Downstream support with "#" mesh, which can effectively prevent fiber off
Compact of stable fiber structure, enhances laminar air flow (within ±5%)

As fine pre air filter for customized ventilation system or equipment Particularly suitable for final filtration of spray booth, paint shop

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