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PTFE filter cloth

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PTFE needle felt also called Teflon, with a good performance in the temperature of 260 centigrade, the instant temperature can up to 280 centigrade. PTFE filter felt is a special material with a good alkali and acid resistance ,anti-hydrolysis ,stable physical dimension, so the ptfe filter bag mainly used in coal burning boiler, waste incineration ,carbon black producing,Tio2 producing for fume treatment or dust collection, as well as some high temperature or some corrosive liquid filtration.
1. special ptfe bag filter specification can be customized,like the spun lace ptfe felt, ptfe mix with other fiber together and so on.
2. maximum width for ptfe filter felt:2.2meters.
3. both ptfe filter cloth rolls and ptfe filter bags are available from Shanghai sffiltech.

Advantages of PTFE needle felt:
a) Gwrthiant tymheredd uchel
b) Gwrthiant asidedd rhagorol
c) Gwrthiant alcalinedd rhagorol,
d) High filtration fineness
F)Best filter media during all the filter media

Working principle of PTFE needle felt:
It will be sewn into PTFE filter bag for filter bag house

Working temperature is under 260 degree
Can be used under moisture, high harsh chemical working condition

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