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Tai Hidlo Bag

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Tai hidlo bagiau llinell uchaf

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Top in single bag filter housing TS series
Standard single bag filter housing1S, 2S, 3S, 4S
Sffiltech standard top in single bag filter housing TS series, "precise quality, simple surface", uses the most advanced precision casting top type filter structure, to optimize the best performance, meeting a variety of harsh working conditions, it is currently the most popular and acclaimed single bag filter housing models.

TS2# Stainless steel, TS2# carbon steel, TS2# PP/PVDF, TS1# Stainless steel, TS1# PP/PVDF, TS4# Stainless steel, TS4# PP/PVDF

Sealing effect is better, to prevent from leakage;
Big effective filtration area, and higher filtration efficiency;
More convenient to replace the filter bag with lower operation cost;
Reasonable structure, more stable and reliable filtration;
The installation height can be adjusted to meet the requirements of specific occasion;
Personalized design, all for your sake.
TS series opening cover (internal polishing)

Tai hidlo bag
We have a lot of single housing filter each one we focus on small detail to improve the quality control.
Egwyddor gweithio
Mae tai hidlo bagiau dur gwrthstaen cyfres Sffiltech yn fath o strwythur newydd, cyfaint bach, gweithrediad syml a hyblyg, arbed ynni, effeithlonrwydd uchel, gweithrediad caeedig ac offer hidlo amlbwrpas addasadwyedd cryf.
Tai hidlo bagiau dur gwrthstaen cyfres sffiltech: symleiddio'r silindr hidlo, y pen hidlo a'r strwythur agoriadol cyflym, bag hidlo dur gwrthstaen yn atgyfnerthu'r prif gydrannau net.
Mae'r hidlydd yn ddyfais hidlo math pwysau, yr hylif o'r gragen hidlo wrth ymyl y fynedfa i'r bag pibell a'r ddyfais wrth gryfhau'r rhwydwaith, roedd angen ymdreiddiad hylif i raddau mân y bag y gellir ei gymhwyso fel bag hidlo ei hun yn amhuredd. gronynnau yn dal bag hidlo. Mae ailosod y bag hidlo yn gyfleus iawn, heb y defnydd sylfaenol o ddeunydd hidlo.

Features of Sffiltech top in single bag filter:
The inner space of the filter is used more fully, and completely eradicates space waste in the traditional side entry type.
Open the cover it can quickly replace the filter bag, reducing the second pollution, not like the traditional side entry type needs to remove the filter press ring before replacement.

Fluid inlet pipe is wide, the inside top cover is in trumpet shape, after entering the liquid can automatically part pressure; small impact to filter-bag, effectively protecting the filter-bag, preventing from accidents, small pressure loss, and the filtering is more faster and more stable.

The filter-bag uses patent ring, which is close to the filter and can not be loosened; multiple sealing, so the sealing effect is better.

Paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photographic chemicals, electroplating solution, milk, mineral water, hot solvent, latex, industrial water, syrup, resin, printing ink, industrial waste water, juice, edible oil, waxes.

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