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Fiberglass fabric


1. Main products: two categories of medium alkaline and alkaline free glass fiber filter cloth(bag).
2. various types:heat treatment,silicone oil, graphite.
3. various thickness:0.3-0.5mm
4. various diameters

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Glass fiber filter cloth is made of the fiberglass yarn,with special treatment like graphite,silicon,ptfe dipping, against acid treatment and other chemical treatment. it is an ideal high temperature resist filter cloth the fiberglass filter bags are widely used in industrial dust clean area,bag house, air pollution and valuable dust recycling, etc.

1. good heat resistance, suitable for long-time use under a temperature below 280 deg.
2. good dust peeling performance, low power coindumption for ash removal.
3.The size of the fiberglass filter bags is more stable, no fiber shrinkage under the high temperature.
4. good chemical resistance:except hydroelectric acid strong acid,and strong alkaline, it is more stable than other filter medium.
5. The fiberglass filter fabric is not absorbing moisture and humidity
6. filtering efficient of the fiberglass filter bag can be over 99.5%etc and catch the dust below the PM2.5,we can get the 20mg air release.
7.High strength of the fiberglass filter cloth, can be more than 3000N/5*20cm

The cement industry
Cement kiln character
Cement raw material in the decomposition oven is not completely decomposed into caco3 dust
together with CaO dust during the decomposition of the caco3 produced
For burning pulverized coal produced in the combustion process sox nox co co2 and other gases
Kiln temperature exhaust gas from the cyclone out of more than 320 degrees drying gas
Dust concentration of dust particle size less than 10um accounted for more than 90%
Sometimes co content according to each of the combustion fluctuates

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