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  • Long Life LPPF PP Pleated Filter Cartridge/Filter Element


    Electronic industry: pretreatment of reverse osmosis water system and deionized water system.
    Pharmaceutical industry: filtration of pharmaceutical, biological and plasma products, compressed air and gas filtration.
    Food and beverage industry: filtration of mineral water, beverage, fruit juice and alcohol.
    Chemical industry: organic solvent, ink filtration.
    Petroleum industry: filtration of oilfield water injection.
    Others: filtering of electroplating solution, metal cutting fluid, photoresist and magnetic medium.

  • Activated carbon fiber filter cartridges

    Description:LFC filter cartridges are manufactured from activated carbon fiber and polypropylene components, developed for decolorization, deodorization and unwanted adsorption, especially for oxidizing substances and organic impurities removal in bottled water industry. They can provide high flow rates at low pressure drops, non-toxic substance releasing and convenience for use. In addition, they are economical alternative to granular activated carbon cartridges.

  • Glass fiber filter cartridges

    Description:LPG series filter element is made of superfine glass fiber. Its high throughput and high adsorption characteristics make it suitable for filtering liquid medicine containing colloid, grease and high particle content. With high pollution capacity and high particle retention efficiency, it can effectively remove colloids and particles in the culture medium and extend the service life of the terminal filter element.

  • Hydrophilic PTFE membrane folding filter cartridge/filter element is used for API, CMP grinding fluid, chemicals and photoresist

    Description:PTFE filter element is made of hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene membrane and PP framework through special structural design, which is characterized by high throughput, high flow rate, long life, and excellent chemical compatibility.

    Application: filtering various solvents in the production process of API

    filter deionized water and some water-based chemicals in CMP grinding system.

    filter various water-based chemicals in chemical production.

    photoresist, developing solution, etching solution, stripping solution, deionized water, etc. in the photolithography process, and it can also be used for the filtration of many water-based chemicals.

  • Hydrophobic PVDF folding filter cartridge/ filter element is used in electronic industry and pharmaceutical industry

    Description:Hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride filter element adopts hydrophobic PVDF membrane, with high throughput and low protein adsorption. The wide chemical compatibility of hydrophobic PVDF membrane makes the filter element suitable for various acid and alkali solutions.

    Application: Electronic industry: electronic filtration of various acids, alkalis and organic reagents

    Pharmaceutical industry: biological product filtration, solvent sterilization filtration, filtration of corrosive, strong oxidizing liquids, organic reagents, etc.

  • Low Cost Hydrophilic Mixed Cellulose MCE Membrane Filter Cartridge for Vaccines Blood products

    Description:The MCE filter cartridge adopts hydrophilic mixed cellulose membrane, which has high flow rate and low protein adsorption performance. Efficient retention capability and economical cost.


    1) Electronics industry: ultrapure water preparation terminal filtration, semiconductor wet equipment terminal filtration, water-based reagent filtration.

    2) Pharmaceutical industry: sterilization and filtration of water for injection, large infusion, small injection, freeze-dried powder injection, eye drops, biological products, blood products, antibiotics and other liquids.

    3) Food industry: mineral water and purified water terminal filtration.

  • Single layer and double layer PES membrane folding filter element/ filter cartridge is used for vaccine, freeze-dried powder injection and blood products

    Description:PES filter element, also known as polyethersulfone folding filter, is a folding filter made of polyethersulfone membrane, which is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Application: Terminal filtration of vaccine, freeze-dried powder injection, blood products, etc

  • Meltblown filter cartridges

    Description:1.Three layers structure cartridge offers high dirt holding capacity,longer service life
    2.Formed by thermal bond without using any binders and adhesives.
    3.100% Pure Polypropylene will not cause any pollution to water
    4.Wide Chemical compatibility
    5.Groove design to extend the filtration surface area
    6.All kinds of adapters are available.

  • Low diffusion flow polyethersulfone sterilization folding filter element

    Description:The filter element is an improved new liquid sterilization filter element. Its low diffusion flow level ensures the sterilization effect. Each filter element passes the factory integrity test, which can ensure the integrity and sterilization effect of the filter element.

    Application: Food and beverage, Medicine

  • Hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter cartridge is used for vaccine, freeze-dried powder injection, eye drops, pharmaceutical water, API, electronic products, CMP grinding liquid, ink filtration, chemical

    Description:The filter cartridge is made of natural strong hydrophobic PTFE membrane and PP framework through special structural design

    Application: vaccine, freeze-dried powder injection, eye drops, pharmaceutical water, API, electronic products, CMP grinding liquid, ink filtration, chemical filtration

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