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How does the dust collector filter bag broken and broken type?

Time: 2018-01-29

filter bag is to remove dust and pollutants in the bag house. The dust removal mechanism is mainly used to filter dust on the surface of the filter media. Prominent feature is the high dust removal efficiency, dust exhaust through the filter bag, the emission concentration is generally stable to reach 50mg / m ³ below, or even up to 5mg / m ³. Today's environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher today, bag house dust removal has other advantages incomparable.

filter bag generally by the host, filter elements (dust bag) and backflush control and other auxiliary systems. The dust bag is the core component of the filter bag. The material, sewing, use and maintenance are related to the efficient and stable operation of the whole system. The air volume, dust concentration, load balance, flue gas temperature and humidity, corrosivity And other factors may cause dust bag failure failure. Among the many types of failure of dust bagging, wear is a common type and is closely related to the design, manufacture and application of the dust collector.

Types and causes of damage to dust bagging

Common dust bag failure damage mainly wear, burn and corrosion.

filter bag bag refers to the use of dust bag, due to repeated filtering and backflush state switching, bag bulging and shrinkage, bag and dust skeleton or other relative movement between the components, high-speed dust flow caused by erosion of local wear and tear.

Dust bagging is due to the handling of abnormal high temperature flue gas, or high temperature dust particles, the temperature is higher than the temperature tolerance of the filter, so that by the high temperature parts of the filter damage and damage.

Bag corrosion is caused by the harmful components in the flue gas chemical reaction of the filter, resulting in reduced mechanical properties of the filter damage and failure. More corrosion of filter bags appears in the flue gas composition exceeding the conditions, can be divided into gas corrosion and liquid corrosion, harmful gas composition in the presence of liquid, more likely to cause damage to the filter bag.

Due to the presence of liquid components in the flue gas (such as condensation), the formation of paste with dust, clogging the filter bag gap, resulting in dust bag led to dust failure.

Dust bag wear prevention and treatment

Dust bagging is the main type of bag breakage failure. After other types of damage caused by small holes, the scouring of the dusty air stream also causes further wear. Wear and filter bag structure design, air flow organization, cleaning and cleaning are closely related. Dust filter bag wear parts are divided into the following five conditions: bag pocket, filter bag bag, bag bottom, bag bottom and filter bag inside, different parts of the wear and tear of the situation and its different factors, the solution Also different.

Dust bag pocket mouth wear:

Bag pocket mouth wear more in the pocket down 400mm or less, mostly from the inside and outside the damaged traces. This kind of wear early is mainly due to the pulse of compressed air deflected from the center of the bag, directly flushing caused by the side walls of the filter bag. In the deviating side of the continuous erosion of compressed air, the bag inside the first layer of compressed air blowing off, and then the base cloth is blown, and finally the filter surface is also blown. When the side of the filter bag is damaged, the resistance of the damaged part will drop, and the dusty flue gas will rapidly enter from the damaged part and scour the damaged part diagonally to form new voids and a new dusty flue gas inlet. Mouth annular damage, even when the bag head and bag body separation. Such damage is mainly compressed air pressure is too high, blowing short tube skew, flower plate deformation and other causes, once found such wear, before the new bag, the blow-back blow should be checked or repaired.

Filter bag body wear:

Dust bag bag body wear, the common vertical filter bag middle wear traces, divided into several cases:

If the damage marks from the inside out, damaged in the bag cage bar contact points, indicating that the bag hanging off the bar or corrosion, the filter bag worn or injection pressure is too high, the injection is too frequent, so that the filter bag and bag cage Broken contact points fracture rupture. Such wear problems can be solved by changing the bag cage or adjusting the blower.

If the damage marks from the outside to the inside, damaged in the bag cage bar at the point of contact. Often visible outside the filter bag (adjacent to the filter bag or box member) and bags have traces of wear and tear. This type of wear is the bag cage deformation or filter bag installation is too small, the filter bag is too large or loose diameter, causing the filter bag and filter bag, filter bag and the contact between the dust box components in the backflush process due to the filter bag Bloated friction with each other to wear. Generally need to replace the bag cage, and ensure the installation quality. filter bag design process, should avoid the filter bag spacing and the distance between the filter bag and the box structure is too small.

Lower part of filter bag mechanical wear:

Lower outer wear of the filter bag more common in the bottom of the filter bag up 300mm or less, wear more in one side, the most serious lower, gradually lighten up. Local sewing thread will be worn, no wear position sewing thread strong. Such wear and tear due to the deformation of the flower board, the hole spacing is too small, bag cage deformation, filter bag is too long and other causes. Individual filter bag and dust box wall friction damaged. Such damage need to strictly check the flower board level, and should use well-made bag cage.

Ring wear on the lower part of the filter bag:

In the lower part of the filter bag formed by the outer ring wear cavities. This type of wear and tear is due to dust flue gas on the local erosion caused by the filter bag, indicating the local flow of air filter too large. More common in the filter speed higher dust collector or abrasive cut strong dust, when the filter bag is damaged, the erosion of soot diagonal damage, as the damage continues to expand, a serious damage to the filter bag can cause annular ring fracture .

Inner lower part of the bag wear: more common in contact with the bag cage position, the majority of the difference between the cage and the bag cage diameter is too large, resulting in filter bag cleaning and filtering when the conversion rate is too large, and the bag cage friction damage. Replacement of high-quality bag cage can be solved.

Outside the bottom of the filter bag wear:

Broken surface obvious signs of wear and tear. The bottom of the sewing thread, the filter cloth is worn, serious when the bottom of the bag is damaged or the whole off. This type of wear and tear is due to the material level in the hopper is too high, the air flow dust particles directly scour bags, resulting in wear and tear. By increasing the ash discharge capacity, adjust the dust removal ash hopper system, to avoid dust accumulation is too high, can prevent the formation of dust hopper inside the filter bag.

Inside the bottom of the filter bag worn more common in the bottom of the bag cage is too small or too long filter bag, bag cage system can only support the bottom of the bag. Filter bag cleaning and filter switching caused when the bottom of the bag sloshing, resulting in the inner bottom of the filter bag wear.

Dust bag inside wear:

Bag inside damage is more than the outer diameter of the bag cage and the bag diameter difference is too large, resulting in filter bag cleaning and filter switching swing amplitude is too large, the bag inside and bag cage friction stirrup, causing the bag inside wear.

Bag inside the damaged position in the bag cage, there are traces of corrosion at the wear, mostly corrosion of the surface of the bag formed with angled oxide layer, the surface of the bag cage at this time as sandpaper, once every clean the bag will be a serious friction bag , The final wear bag. The use of high quality bags matched to filter bags avoids the wear on the inside of the filter bags.

Dust bag is the heart of the entire dust collector, filter bag failure will make the entire device does not work properly. The main wear and tear filter bag design and application of dust, manufacturing, installation quality. The wear process starts locally, but as soon as a small wear hole is formed, it quickly spreads, causing a larger bag to break. Therefore, to strengthen the operation of the inspection, testing, early detection of small wear and tear, but also to avoid causing large-scale filter bag wear an important factor.