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Filter bags for application demanding efficiency greater than 99%

AGF filter bag is designed to meet increasingly stringent requirements to filter, and adopt all welding sealing plus 100% latest filtering technology is made and become, to promoting the industrial technology to another level, led the bag filter to a new level.
Product advantages and characteristics
1. High efficiency filter, density gradient of materials make capacity volume increase greatly and prolong service life.
2. Double outer protective layer to eliminate the fibers caused by friction with the top issue.
3. All of the filter bag is in accordance with the food administration (FDA) approved material, suitable for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
4. One-piece structure and unique at the bottom of the welding joint method, is a stronger, more flexible welding sealing methods.
5. Absolutely pure melt blown polypropylene structure, and without adding any resin, cement, or surface treatment.
6. All hot melt welding technology
7. Material: PP. Melt - Blown Polyester
8. Without adding any resin, adhesives or surface treatment agent

Aerụ, mmanya, mmụọ na mmịpụta
Mwepụ ahụ dị mma na nhicha akụkụ
Ntachacha ikpeazụ nke ihe mkpuchi ala
Mpempe ikpeazụ nke mmanya
Mwepụ carbon dị na sistemụ arụmọrụ
Hydraulic mmanụ na lubricants

500 micron filter bag factory
500 micron filter bag top the sewing details

Mpaghara ngwugwu
Anyị na-anwale akpa nyocha micron 500 ọ bụla tupu mbupu

Nkwado ngwaahịa

nzacha akpa mmiri nkọwa

Atụmatụ na Uru
AGF polypropylene filter bags are fabricated from hydrophobic microfiber filter material, which require pre-wetting with an aqueous solution,with different pp and polyester materials layer together
Highly efficient melt-blown filter material in polypropylene or polyester with graded density profiles to maximize dirt-holding capacity and prolong service life
No additives such as resins, binders or surface treatments
Double downstream cover layer virtually eliminates fiber migration
Unique UNI-WELD process for bottom seam provides a stronger, more flexible weld seal
Fully-welded construction with seal ring provides 100% bypass-free filtration
The pressure-activated ring provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal which adapts to any bag filter housing
Sffiltech kwusiri ike na iji ihe ntinye aka nke na-eme ka ntinye nke akpa nza banye na akpa akpa akpa ma na-eme ka enwee ike idozi akpa nke akpa ya n'ime nkata na-egbochi ihe.
With Nylon mesh outside and make the bag life longer.

Filter bag for some strict, filtration efficiency more than 99% of the application
Is the ideal choice for food and beverage industry, also can be in other requirements on strict industry into full play

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