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Tas Filter Fiberglass


Spesifikasi Utami:
1. Produk utama: rong kategori medium panyaring serat kaca lan alkalin (tas).
2. macem-macem jinis: perawatan panas, minyak silikon, grafit.
3. macem-macem kekandelan: 0.3-0.5mm
4. macem-macem diameter

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Kain panyaring serat kaca digawe saka benang fiberglass, kanthi perawatan khusus kayata grafit, silikon, pucung ptfe, nglawan perawatan asam lan perawatan kimia liyane. iku suhu sing paling dhuwur kanggo nolak kain filter saka tas panyaring fiberglass digunakake ing wilayah resik bledug industri, omah tas, polusi udara lan daur ulang bledug sing berharga, dll.

1. resistansi panas sing apik, sing cocog kanggo nggunakake suwene ing suhu ngisor suhu 280 deg.
2. kinerja peeling bledug sing apik, sesambungan tenaga sing kurang kanggo mbusak awu.
3. Ukuran tas panyaring fiberglass luwih stabil, ora nyisihake serat ing suhu sing dhuwur.
4. Rintangan kimia sing apik: kajaba asam hidrelektrik sing kuwat, lan alkalin sing kuwat, luwih stabil tinimbang medium filter liyane.
5. Kain saringan fiberglass ora nyerep kelembapan lan kelembapan
6. nyaring tas Filter fiberglass bisa luwih saka 99.5% dll lan nyekel bledug ing ngisor PM2.5, kita bisa nerbitake udara udakara 20mg.
7. Kekuwatan kain filter fiberglass, bisa luwih saka 3000N / 5 * 20cm

Industri semen
Watak semen
Semen bahan mentah ing oven penguraian durung rampung dadi bledug caco3
bebarengan karo bledug CaO sajrone dekomposisi saka caco3 sing diasilake
Kanggo kobong batu bara sing diobong ing proses pembakaran sox nox co co2 lan gas liyane
Suhu gas tambut suhu saka siklik metu saka gas pangatusan luwih saka 320 derajat
Konsentrasi lebu ukuran partikel bledug kurang saka 10um kira-kira luwih saka 90%
Kadhangkala konten co miturut saben pangobongan berubah-ubah

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Spesifikasi Utami:
1. Produk utama: rong kategori medium panyaring serat kaca lan alkalin (tas).
2. macem-macem jinis: perawatan panas, minyak silikon, grafit.
3. macem-macem kekandelan: 0.3-0.5mm
4. macem-macem diameter


Metal Smelting--Dedusting equipment in smelting industry

In metal smelting, polyester filter bag is mainly used for steel slag bag filter, steel sintering machine filter, steel blast furnace gas filter and steel plant filter.

1.Bag filter for steel slag

The steel slag bag type dust collector comprises an air inlet, an air duct, an inclined baffle plate of the air duct, a filter bag and an ash hopper, which is characterized in that the dust collector is also provided with a guide plate and an inverted V-shaped plate, the guide plate is arranged at the middle lower part of the air duct, the inverted V-shaped plate is arranged at the right lower part of the air duct, and the lower ends of the guide plate and the inverted V-shaped plate are connected with the ash hopper, The upper end of the deflector is connected with the bag room of the dust collector. A quartz emery layer is coated on one side of the inclined baffle plate of the air duct in direct contact with the flue gas. Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the advantages of scientific and simple structure and long service life.

A group of opposite side walls of the steel slag bag filter box body are respectively provided with an air inlet and an air outlet, the air outlet is connected with the air extraction port of the blower, and a filter bag is longitudinally arranged in the box body; The box body is connected in series in the same row, and the middle part of the connecting wall of the adjacent box body is provided with an air vent; The pore size of the filter bag in each box is different. The pore size from the air inlet side to the air outlet side decreases in turn. The particles in the steel slag dust can be quickly separated step by step, and the separation efficiency is high.

The dust removal effect of bag filter for steel slag is as follows

The dust removal effect of steel slag bag filter is related to many factors, but mainly depends on the filter material. The filter material of bag filter is cloth or felt made of synthetic fiber, fiber or glass fiber. If necessary, sew the cloth or felt into a cylinder or flat filter bag. According to the nature of flue gas, the filter material suitable for application conditions is selected.

Advantages of bag filter for steel slag

Generally, when the flue gas temperature is lower than 120 ℃, the filter material is required to have acid resistance and durability; In the treatment of high temperature flue gas (< 250℃ ) Graphitized glass fiber cloth is mainly used; In some special cases, carbon fiber filter material is selected. In the case of coal and iron stone, explosion-proof treatment is also needed, so the filter material of silk should be selected for the dust removal bag.


2.Dust collector of iron and steel sintering machine

The dust collector of iron and steel sintering machine is an ideal dust removal equipment to solve the problem of dust containing flue gas at the end of sintering machine. According to the characteristics of large exhaust volume, high gas temperature and high dust concentration at the end of sintering machine in sintering plant, when selecting the dust collector system for sintering machine, it is analyzed according to different conditions of sintering machine, so as to achieve better dust removal effect of bag filter.

Performance characteristics of dust collector of iron and steel sintering machine:
1. The upper part of the bag is used to change the bag.
2. Perfect control system to ensure the long-term operation of dust removal system.
3. Compact inlet and outlet duct and equalizing device, low airflow resistance.
4. The bag can be changed without stopping the machine, and the normal operation of the equipment will not be affected by the maintenance.
5. The application of pulse blowing with air stopping in separate chamber can prolong the cleaning cycle and reduce the consumption, which can double the service life of filter bag and pulse valve.
6. The box body is designed with air tightness, good sealing performance, and the inspection door is made of excellent sealing material. The production process uses kerosene to detect leakage, with low air leakage rate.
7. The application of pulse injection cleaning technology has strong cleaning capacity, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage coefficient, low energy consumption, small steel consumption, small floor area, stable and reliable operation and good economic benefits. It is suitable for flue gas treatment in electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.

The dust remover of iron and steel sintering machine is widely used in the flue gas treatment of electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, especially for the flue gas with big storm and high temperature. It combines the characteristics of chamber back blowing and pulse cleaning, overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary chamber back blowing intensity and general pulse cleaning dust re adsorption, and the lengthened dust removal filter bag gives full play to the strong cleaning effect of compressed air. It is a large dust removal equipment with high dust removal efficiency, small floor area, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.


3.Steel blast furnace gas dust collector

The blast furnace gas dust collector of iron and steel adopts the technology of pulse injection dust cleaning by stopping air in different rooms, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collector and reverse blowing dust collector in different rooms. It has strong dust cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, less floor area, stable and reliable operation, and good economic benefits. It is suitable for purification of dust gas and material recovery in metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, electric power and light industry.

The raw gas (260 ℃) from the raw gas main pipe enters into the lower box of the bag filter through the branch pipe. After mechanical separation, the gas is filtered upward through the cloth bag, and the fine dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. The clean gas is collected into the upper box through the filter bag, and then enters into the hot blast stove through the clean gas branch pipe and the main pipe. When the filtering time is up, with the increase of dust on the surface of the filter bag, the resistance of the dust collector will rise. When the resistance rises to the value, the electrical control system will send out the ash cleaning signal, the pneumatic butterfly valve and upper ball valve of the outlet branch pipe will automatically close, the pulse valve will open, the nitrogen from the cylinder will be injected from the bag mouth through the injection pipe, and the filter bag will expand rapidly.

The dust on the outer surface of the filter bag is shaken off and falls into the conical ash hopper at the lower part. At the end of the pulse valve injection, the dust collector continues to remain static, so that the fine dust in the cylinder has a static settlement process. At the end of this process, the outlet branch pneumatic butterfly valve and the upper ball valve are opened, the dust collector enters the normal filtering state, and the lower ball valve is opened through the impeller feeder The dust cleaning process of a box, the opening and closing of each valve in the above process, and the dust concentration test of a single box are all controlled by PLC system, so that the repeated work can purify the raw gas.


4.Dust collector in iron and steel plant

The filter bag made of porous filter cloth is used to separate the dust particles from the flue gas flow. When working, the flue gas flows through the filter bag from the outside to the inside, and the dust particles are blocked outside the filter bag.

The iron and steel industry is a major air polluter. The waste gas management of iron and steel industry implements the principle of comprehensive management. Efforts should be made to reduce energy consumption and raw material consumption, which is one of the fundamental ways to increase the emission of waste gas; the process, adopted process and equipment should be innovated to increase the emission of waste gas from consumption process; energy-saving management methods and equipment should be adopted to strengthen the management and recovery of waste gas; comprehensive use should be vigorously carried out.

At the present stage, a large number of flue gas will be discharged from the sintering machine of large steel plants in China, which will contain nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, dioxin, dust and other substances. Taking the sintering machine of 280 square meters as an example, the content of dust discharged into the atmosphere is 150mg / Nm3. According to this calculation, it will cause great pollution to the environment. At present, China has formulated detailed requirements and standards for energy conservation and emission reduction, and put forward suggestions for environmental protection According to the current standard of our country, the dust concentration discharged into the atmosphere is less than 50mg / Nm3, and the bag filter is an important part to achieve this requirement.

Main structure of dust collector in iron and steel plant:
1. The dust collector is divided into 24 chambers, arranged in two rows, with the main air inlet and outlet ducts in the middle. There are partitions between the silos to realize off-line ash cleaning.
2. A wind shield is set between the air inlet of each bin and the filter bag, and the air inlet mode is adopted inside the box.
3. Each bin is equipped with manual butterfly valve, and the outlet is equipped with pneumatic air stop valve. It can realize off-line ash cleaning and the maintenance of single bin and the air volume distribution of each bin under the condition of non-stop.
4. 216 filter bags are set in each bin, and the size of filter bag is 120mm × 6000mm. There are 5184 silos with a total filtration area of 11716m2.
5. The octagonal star section is adopted for the filter bag frame. Compared with the circular section, it can enhance the ash cleaning effect, reduce the wear between the filter bag and the frame, help to prolong the service life of the filter bag, and facilitate the extraction and insertion of the filter bag frame.
6. The material of filter bag is polyester needle felt.
7. A set of injection device is set in each bin, and the injection pipe and the outlet of pulse valve are inserted to facilitate disassembly.
8. The electromagnetic pulse valve is dmf80 straight through fast pulse valve, and its pressure output port is double twisted wire structure.
9. The top of the upper box body is provided with a water falling slope (20:1) and a water falling trough to prevent water from accumulating on the top cover.
11. Each bin is equipped with an ash hopper, a wall vibrator and a manhole.
12. The lower opening of the ash hopper is provided with a manual gate valve and a star type ash discharge valve, the former is used for repairing the star type unloader.

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