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Biostatic agitur Results


Cylindraceis typus hypothetica filter


Typus: Adapter hypothetica filter
Media: Various filter media for acid, alkali ,VOC and mercury vapor is optional

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Frame: galvanized ferro / Aliquam ferro
Adapter materia: galvanized ferro / Aliquam ferro
Temperature; 40ºC continua maximum est in ministerio

Et Eurum Umor: <F. LXX%
Large medium loading capacity,ensures high efficiency and long life
Air flow through the column channel to evenly spread, long retention time, low resistance and high efficiency
The cylinders can be recycled
Flexibilitate eligere medium secundum diversas pollutant
Optimum efficientiam initial esset XCIX%
Quick bayonet type design, installation fast and simple

Application: Molecular filters for most air conditioning system,widely used in semiconductor industry, bio-pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, precision machinery, instrumentation and museums.

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