Biostatic agitur Results

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Biostatic agitur Results


Activae et ipsum aperte corrugatis, filter paper frame


Type: Prefilter for gas and particles removal
Media:Cementation type synthetic fiber
Frame:Rigid water resistant cardboard
Recommended final pressure drop:250pa
Temperature; 40ºC continua maximum est in ministerio

Efficens nos pressura stilla crassitudine Nobis Aeris fluxus nobis Dimensiones
Crassitudo Pressure drop
remotionem Pinus halepensis
(W * h)
aer flow
(M3 / h)
ipsas Uncias complectetur (Mm) G4
ipsas Uncias complectetur (Mm) @ 2.5m / s
2 45 135 50% * 24 24 * 592 592 3400
4 96 120 70% * 24 12 * 592 287 1700

* 24 20 * 592 490 2810

* 20 20 * 490 490 2325
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Pleated Active Carbon Filter with Paper Frame,Class G4

XV prominentiis / pedes, L% altius quam normalis productum
Seu Rigidorum VOL cardboard frame aqua repugnans, ex quo USA
Et reticulum filter media, ut altius vi mechanica
Unique tapered radial Pleat design,get the lower pressure drop
Double-layer non-woven with active carbon inside,realize the double filtration of dust and the smell
Can be used to upgrade an existing configuration at a low cost
Waste filter is easy to burn, which is beneficial to environmental protection

Application: Good performance of removing the peculiar smell and particles in air supply system, especially air circulation system. Such as office、airport where is large flow of people.

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