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  • High Flow fold filter cartridge

    Description:The large flow foldable filter element adopts 6.5 "large diameter structure and pleating form, which has extremely high filtration area and pollution holding capacity. It can be used for various flow requirements, and can greatly reduce the number of filter elements and reduce the shell size. It can make the filtration system have low occupancy space and high filtration flow. Wide range of chemical applications can be applied to a variety of fields.

  • Oil Absorption, Deodorization And Decolorization Filter Bag


    Oil absorption, deodorization and decolorization filter bag

    such special filter bag used in special plant


    filter bag specification


    chemical plant

    1. We are a professional service provider of liquid filtration systems. We do not simply provide filter elements for your selection. We not only provide continuously improved technical products, but also complete the integration of professional technologies for many industries. We provide environmentally friendly filtration technology. All-round solutions to problems ensure that you meet the needs of production.

    2. More diverse and flexible solutions to meet your needs! Our customer technicians will carefully record each of your needs and try their best to solve the problem for you.

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    5. More complete products to meet the needs of different industries! Save the time cost of the intangible waste of your product purchase process and the time cost of the producer. We are to make customers worry-free.

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  • Backwashing automatic filter housing system DFX series

    Description:DKD is the world's leading manufacturer of self cleaning filter, it has a full series of scraper type self cleaning filter products, three sub series, applicable to different occasions, to fully meet the industrial customers a variety of mechanical self cleaning filtration requirements.

  • Backwashing automatic filter housing system DFM DFG series

    Description:Liquid flows from the inlet, internal spiral flexible scraper 100% attached to the surface of the filter element, liquid flows from inner surface of filter element to outward, and impurities will be trapped in the inner surface and liquid flowing out from the outlet; as time goes on, the impurities are gradually increasing, and the differential pressure is rising, which needs to clean the filter element according to the differential pressure or regularly.

  • Backwashing automatic filter housing system BCMseries

    Description:BCM full automatic back washing filter housing is suitable for filtering high flow, high speed, low viscosity fluid particle impurity.
    BCM full automatic back washing filter housing is a mechanical and electrical products, with advantages of reasonable design, high filtration efficiency, low operating costs, continuous filtration in back washing process, etc., which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electric power, oilfield injection water, ballast water, environment-friendly water treatment, etc..

  • PP pleated filter cartridges

    Description:LPPF filter cartridges are constructed of multilayer polypropylene, featuring high flow rates, broad chemical compatibility and high dirt holding capacity. These filters are ideal for removing particulate and colloidal contaminants in vaccines filtration.

  • Activated carbon fiber filter cartridges

    Description:LFC filter cartridges are manufactured from activated carbon fiber and polypropylene components, developed for decolorization, deodorization and unwanted adsorption, especially for oxidizing substances and organic impurities removal in bottled water industry. They can provide high flow rates at low pressure drops, non-toxic substance releasing and convenience for use. In addition, they are economical alternative to granular activated carbon cartridges.

  • Glass fiber filter cartridges

    Description:All fluoropolymer filter cartridges are constructed of hydrophilic PTFE membrane and PVDF components, offering high throughputs, high flow rates and long service life. Due to their characteristics of superior chemical compatibility and oxidation resistance, they are ideal for oxidized water filtration application in bottled water industry.

  • Membrane ptfe filter cartridges

    Description:LPTA filter cartridges are featured by permanently hydrophobic PTFE membrane, specially designed for sterile venting and gas application in vaccine manufacturing. They are integrity testable, offering the highest process security, high throughputs, extreme humidity and stringent in-line steam sterilizations. These filters can be steam-sterilizable repeatedly for long service life.

  • Membrane PVDF filter cartridges

    Description:LPSL filter cartridges are specially designed for sterilizing filtration of plasma fractionation. They are featuring extremely low extractables with no more than 10mg/10”, longer service life with 40 cycles of SIP. These filters can powerfully ensure final product quality.

  • Membrane MCE filter cartridges

    Description:LPM filter cartridges are characterized by high-performance, hydrophilic mixed cellulose esters membrane, offering high flow rates, low protein adsorption and superior microbiological safety. These filters are designed to reduce costs and are especially suited for in prefiltration of vaccines.

  • Membrane nylon filter cartridges

    Description:Fully-welded construction for high efficiency and bypass-free filtration
    Fully-welded construction with Sffiltech filter bag seal ring provides 100% bypass-free filtration
    The pressure-activated Sffiltech filter seal ring provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal which adapts to any bag filter housing
    Material is free from silicone and crater-forming substances
    Special heat set and polish surface treatment significantly reduces fiber release
    Stable and flexible welded seams that adapt to the restrainer basket

  • Membrane Pes filter cartridges

    Description:LPSL filter cartridges are specially designed for sterilizing filtration of plasma fractionation. They are featuring extremely low extractables with no more than 10mg/10”, longer service life with 40 cycles of SIP. These filters can powerfully ensure final product quality.

  • Cartridge housing filtration

    Description:Doctopfilter multi-cartridge high flow filter housing range from 9 cartridges to 100 cartridges, and the length of cartridge is 20”,30” ,40” ,50”. A variety of cartridge filter housing is available, adopting unique swing bolt with spring lid assistant.
    Cartridge filter housing is suitable to install with both double open ends cartridge and single open end 222 cartridge. Unique Hooping & quick opening design. It’s easy to open, close, manipulate and maintain

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