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Filtru auduma sagriešanas mašīna


Filtru auduma sagriešanas mašīna


Machine Standard Size: LWH(3350 mm*1250 mm*1280 mm)

1. Major Specification of ultrasonic slitting machine

Piemērojamais platums


Tinumu diametrs


Cutting-winding speed

0-40m / min

Motora jauda


2. The Applicable Scope

This machine is applicable to edge cutting and strip cutting of nonwoven
cloth, artificial leather and other thick fabric.

3. Structure and performance of machine

1)Its speed is adjusted by a frequency converter.

2)A hydraulic-infrared edge aligning system is adopted to
improve edge-aligning precision.

3)The knife is directly driven by a high-speed motor

4)A pneumatic device is adopted to control vertical movement of the knife.

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