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Membrane ptfe filter cartridges


LPTA Filter Cartridge for Air/Gas in Vaccine Filtration


Materials of Construction


Double-layer   Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)



Core,   Cage and Drainage


End   Caps

PP   (222/226 with encapsulated stainless steel reinforcing ring)



Sealing   Technology

Thermal   Bonding, No Adhesives





5 inch, 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch

Filtration Area, ft2

≥ 5.8 per 10-inch   element

Pore Size, μm

0.01 (for gas)

Maximum Differential Pressure

Forward:   4.2 bar @ 23 ℃; 1.5 bar @ 85 ℃

Integrity Test- at 23 ℃

Bubble point

≥ 1100 mbar with 60/40% IPA/water

HydroCorr (water intrusion   test)

≤   0.75mL/min per 10-inch cartridge with water at 2620mbar

Bacterial Retention

Passed the bacterial   challenge testing using Brevundimonas
(ATCC19146) at a minimum challenge concentration
of 1 x 107 CFU/cm2.

Extractables, per 10-inch cartridge

≤ 10 mg after 24-h soak in   water

Non-Fiber Releasing

Meets the criteria for   a “non-fiber releasing” filter as defined in 21 CFR 210.3 (b) (6).


Component materials   meet GB/T 14233.2<2005>of Chinese National
Standard for Safety Tests.


< 500 ppb after a water flush of 60 liters per 10-inch cartridge

Multiple Sterilization Cycles

200 steam-in-place sterilization or autoclave cycles of 30 min at 123℃

Bacterial Endotoxins

< 0.25 EU/ml as determined by the LAL test

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LPTA filter cartridges are featured by permanently hydrophobic PTFE membrane, specially designed for sterile venting and gas application in vaccine manufacturing. They are integrity testable, offering the highest process security, high throughputs, extreme humidity and stringent in-line steam sterilizations. These filters can be steam-sterilizable repeatedly for long service life.

● Cartridges produced in a controlled environment
● Manufactured according to ISO9001 certified Quality Management System

Features and Benefits
● High flow rates and low pressure drop
● High strength, long service life and cost-effective
● 100% integrity testable prior to release

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