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Metal filter nylon mesh filer



Thickness      Vs Efficiency vs pressure drop Dimensions vs Air flow
Thickness Pressure drop(pa)@2.5m/s Dimensions(W*H) Air flow(m3/h)
Inches (mm) G2
Inches (mm) @2.5m/s
1 25 20
24*24 592*592 3400
2 46 40
24*12 592*287 1700

24*20 592*490 2800

20*20 490*490 2300

Low pressure drop    
Type: Pre filter for big size particle        
Media: Metal(Aluminum)/Nylon mesh/Stainless steel mesh
Frame: Galvanized steel/Aluminum/Stainless steel
Recommended final pressure drop: 180Pa
Temperature: Normal temperature

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Metal/Nylon Mesh Filter,Class G2

Good performance at catching big size particles
Very strong structure and durable frame
Can be cleaned by water and compressed air , reuse, long service life
Galvanized or stainless steel wire woven into a special pattern
G2 class cleanable dust, sand,flour, paint etc pre filter grease and oil filter with very high separation efficiency
Can be made in all customized sizes
Can be cleaned in dishwasher or pressure washer
Very large cooling surface without excessive air resistance

Thickness vs Efficiency vs Pressure drop        Dimensions vs Air flow        

how to choose the heap filter?
1.Odd sizes available
2.Pressure drop
3.Frame: GZ galvanized steel,aluminum abs plastic
4.Filter efficiency:
7.Frame thickness
8.Up side: gasket or not?
9.Sealing ring or not?

Metal filter for grease or oil mist separation. Pre filter for thick particles.        
Type: G2 Metal filter and high oil separation efficiency.            
Frame: Aluminum EN-AW-6060, ALMG3, stainless steel AISI 304L, acid stainless steel AISI316L, galvanized.                
Media: Woven metal wire mesh. Can be made in aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel or acid stainless steel material.                
Grating: Aluminum, Hot-dip galvanized expanded metal net or stainless steel grid.

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