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Pleated active carbon filter with paper frame


Type: Prefilter for gas and particles removal
Media:Cementation type synthetic fiber
Frame:Rigid water resistant cardboard
Recommended final pressure drop:250pa
Temperature:40ºC maximum in continuous service

Thickness      Vs Efficiency vs pressure drop Dimensions vs Air flow
Thickness Pressure drop
Ozone removal
Air flow
Inches (mm) G4
Inches (mm) @2.5m/s
2 45 135 50% 24*24 592*592 3400
4 96 120 70% 24*12 592*287 1700

24*20 592*490 2810

20*20 490*490 2325
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Pleated Active Carbon Filter with Paper Frame,Class G4

15 pleats/feet,50% higher than normal product
Rigid Water resistant cardboard frame,which is from USA
Filter media with wire mesh,get higher mechanical strength
Unique tapered radial Pleat design,get the lower pressure drop
Double-layer non-woven with active carbon inside,realize the double filtration of dust and the smell
Can be used to upgrade an existing configuration at a low cost
Waste filter is easy to burn, which is beneficial to environmental protection

Application: Good performance of removing the peculiar smell and particles in air supply system, especially air circulation system. Such as office、airport where is large flow of people.

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