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PTFE needle felt also called Teflon, with a good performance in the temperature of 260 centigrade, the instant temperature can up to 280 centigrade. PTFE is a special material with a good alkali and acid resistance ,anti-hydrolysis ,stable physical dimension, mainly used in coal burning boiler, waste incineration ,carbon black producing,Tio2 producing for fume treatment or dust collection, as well as some high temperature or some corrosive liquid filtration.

Weight: PTFE needle punch felt with the common weight 750gsm to 800gsm for ptfe filter bag
Finish Treatment for ptfe felt: heat set and with PTFE membrane

Ptfe bag filter diameter size: 100mm, 125mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 250mm etc.
Any length is available. Special size is customize.
Filter bag Process Method: sewing
Ptfe bag filters Advantages:
a) High temperature resistance
b) Excellent acidity resistance
c) Excellent alkalinity resistance,
High filtration efficiency
Dust collector filter bags:
Since every filter has its own characteristics and parameters,
when we chose filter material for dust collector filter bags,
we have to know the following parameters: temperature, humid,
dust diameter, gas chemical properties, dust abrasive, filter's mechanical parameters.
Generally, SFF dust collector filter bags are widely used in industrial waste gas filtration, useful dust, high temperature gas filters.
Shanghai filter bag factory provides you good solution according to dust characteristics, help you chose good filter material to achieve best filtering effective.

Application: Chemical industry coal-fired boiler,waste incineration industry and non-ferrous metal production

Applicable to the working condition with high corrosive gas and high temperature, such as chemical industry, coal-fired boiler, waste incineration industry and non-ferrous metal production.


Metal Smelting--Dedusting equipment in smelting industry

In metal smelting, polyester filter bag is mainly used for steel slag bag filter, steel sintering machine filter, steel blast furnace gas filter and steel plant filter.

1.Bag filter for steel slag

The steel slag bag type dust collector comprises an air inlet, an air duct, an inclined baffle plate of the air duct, a filter bag and an ash hopper, which is characterized in that the dust collector is also provided with a guide plate and an inverted V-shaped plate, the guide plate is arranged at the middle lower part of the air duct, the inverted V-shaped plate is arranged at the right lower part of the air duct, and the lower ends of the guide plate and the inverted V-shaped plate are connected with the ash hopper, The upper end of the deflector is connected with the bag room of the dust collector. A quartz emery layer is coated on one side of the inclined baffle plate of the air duct in direct contact with the flue gas. Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the advantages of scientific and simple structure and long service life.

A group of opposite side walls of the steel slag bag filter box body are respectively provided with an air inlet and an air outlet, the air outlet is connected with the air extraction port of the blower, and a filter bag is longitudinally arranged in the box body; The box body is connected in series in the same row, and the middle part of the connecting wall of the adjacent box body is provided with an air vent; The pore size of the filter bag in each box is different. The pore size from the air inlet side to the air outlet side decreases in turn. The particles in the steel slag dust can be quickly separated step by step, and the separation efficiency is high.

The dust removal effect of bag filter for steel slag is as follows

The dust removal effect of steel slag bag filter is related to many factors, but mainly depends on the filter material. The filter material of bag filter is cloth or felt made of synthetic fiber, fiber or glass fiber. If necessary, sew the cloth or felt into a cylinder or flat filter bag. According to the nature of flue gas, the filter material suitable for application conditions is selected.

Advantages of bag filter for steel slag

Generally, when the flue gas temperature is lower than 120 ℃, the filter material is required to have acid resistance and durability; In the treatment of high temperature flue gas (< 250℃ ) Graphitized glass fiber cloth is mainly used; In some special cases, carbon fiber filter material is selected. In the case of coal and iron stone, explosion-proof treatment is also needed, so the filter material of silk should be selected for the dust removal bag.


2.Dust collector of iron and steel sintering machine

The dust collector of iron and steel sintering machine is an ideal dust removal equipment to solve the problem of dust containing flue gas at the end of sintering machine. According to the characteristics of large exhaust volume, high gas temperature and high dust concentration at the end of sintering machine in sintering plant, when selecting the dust collector system for sintering machine, it is analyzed according to different conditions of sintering machine, so as to achieve better dust removal effect of bag filter.

Performance characteristics of dust collector of iron and steel sintering machine:
1. The upper part of the bag is used to change the bag.
2. Perfect control system to ensure the long-term operation of dust removal system.
3. Compact inlet and outlet duct and equalizing device, low airflow resistance.
4. The bag can be changed without stopping the machine, and the normal operation of the equipment will not be affected by the maintenance.
5. The application of pulse blowing with air stopping in separate chamber can prolong the cleaning cycle and reduce the consumption, which can double the service life of filter bag and pulse valve.
6. The box body is designed with air tightness, good sealing performance, and the inspection door is made of excellent sealing material. The production process uses kerosene to detect leakage, with low air leakage rate.
7. The application of pulse injection cleaning technology has strong cleaning capacity, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage coefficient, low energy consumption, small steel consumption, small floor area, stable and reliable operation and good economic benefits. It is suitable for flue gas treatment in electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.

The dust remover of iron and steel sintering machine is widely used in the flue gas treatment of electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, especially for the flue gas with big storm and high temperature. It combines the characteristics of chamber back blowing and pulse cleaning, overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary chamber back blowing intensity and general pulse cleaning dust re adsorption, and the lengthened dust removal filter bag gives full play to the strong cleaning effect of compressed air. It is a large dust removal equipment with high dust removal efficiency, small floor area, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.


3.Steel blast furnace gas dust collector

The blast furnace gas dust collector of iron and steel adopts the technology of pulse injection dust cleaning by stopping air in different rooms, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collector and reverse blowing dust collector in different rooms. It has strong dust cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, less floor area, stable and reliable operation, and good economic benefits. It is suitable for purification of dust gas and material recovery in metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, electric power and light industry.

The raw gas (260 ℃) from the raw gas main pipe enters into the lower box of the bag filter through the branch pipe. After mechanical separation, the gas is filtered upward through the cloth bag, and the fine dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. The clean gas is collected into the upper box through the filter bag, and then enters into the hot blast stove through the clean gas branch pipe and the main pipe. When the filtering time is up, with the increase of dust on the surface of the filter bag, the resistance of the dust collector will rise. When the resistance rises to the value, the electrical control system will send out the ash cleaning signal, the pneumatic butterfly valve and upper ball valve of the outlet branch pipe will automatically close, the pulse valve will open, the nitrogen from the cylinder will be injected from the bag mouth through the injection pipe, and the filter bag will expand rapidly.

The dust on the outer surface of the filter bag is shaken off and falls into the conical ash hopper at the lower part. At the end of the pulse valve injection, the dust collector continues to remain static, so that the fine dust in the cylinder has a static settlement process. At the end of this process, the outlet branch pneumatic butterfly valve and the upper ball valve are opened, the dust collector enters the normal filtering state, and the lower ball valve is opened through the impeller feeder The dust cleaning process of a box, the opening and closing of each valve in the above process, and the dust concentration test of a single box are all controlled by PLC system, so that the repeated work can purify the raw gas.


4.Dust collector in iron and steel plant

The filter bag made of porous filter cloth is used to separate the dust particles from the flue gas flow. When working, the flue gas flows through the filter bag from the outside to the inside, and the dust particles are blocked outside the filter bag.

The iron and steel industry is a major air polluter. The waste gas management of iron and steel industry implements the principle of comprehensive management. Efforts should be made to reduce energy consumption and raw material consumption, which is one of the fundamental ways to increase the emission of waste gas; the process, adopted process and equipment should be innovated to increase the emission of waste gas from consumption process; energy-saving management methods and equipment should be adopted to strengthen the management and recovery of waste gas; comprehensive use should be vigorously carried out.

At the present stage, a large number of flue gas will be discharged from the sintering machine of large steel plants in China, which will contain nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, dioxin, dust and other substances. Taking the sintering machine of 280 square meters as an example, the content of dust discharged into the atmosphere is 150mg / Nm3. According to this calculation, it will cause great pollution to the environment. At present, China has formulated detailed requirements and standards for energy conservation and emission reduction, and put forward suggestions for environmental protection According to the current standard of our country, the dust concentration discharged into the atmosphere is less than 50mg / Nm3, and the bag filter is an important part to achieve this requirement.

Main structure of dust collector in iron and steel plant:
1. The dust collector is divided into 24 chambers, arranged in two rows, with the main air inlet and outlet ducts in the middle. There are partitions between the silos to realize off-line ash cleaning.
2. A wind shield is set between the air inlet of each bin and the filter bag, and the air inlet mode is adopted inside the box.
3. Each bin is equipped with manual butterfly valve, and the outlet is equipped with pneumatic air stop valve. It can realize off-line ash cleaning and the maintenance of single bin and the air volume distribution of each bin under the condition of non-stop.
4. 216 filter bags are set in each bin, and the size of filter bag is 120mm × 6000mm. There are 5184 silos with a total filtration area of 11716m2.
5. The octagonal star section is adopted for the filter bag frame. Compared with the circular section, it can enhance the ash cleaning effect, reduce the wear between the filter bag and the frame, help to prolong the service life of the filter bag, and facilitate the extraction and insertion of the filter bag frame.
6. The material of filter bag is polyester needle felt.
7. A set of injection device is set in each bin, and the injection pipe and the outlet of pulse valve are inserted to facilitate disassembly.
8. The electromagnetic pulse valve is dmf80 straight through fast pulse valve, and its pressure output port is double twisted wire structure.
9. The top of the upper box body is provided with a water falling slope (20:1) and a water falling trough to prevent water from accumulating on the top cover.
11. Each bin is equipped with an ash hopper, a wall vibrator and a manhole.
12. The lower opening of the ash hopper is provided with a manual gate valve and a star type ash discharge valve, the former is used for repairing the star type unloader.




Chemical--Dust removal equipment for chemical industry

1.Coke oven smoke remover

According to the electric field theory, positive ions are adsorbed on the corona with negative charge and negative ions are adsorbed on the precipitation with positive charge; All ionized positive and negative ions fill the whole space between corona and precipitation. When the gas containing tar droplets and other impurities passes through the electric field, the impurities adsorbing negative ions and electrons move to the precipitation under the action of Coulomb force of the electric field, release the charge and adsorb on the precipitation, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the gas, which is usually called charging phenomenon. When the mass of impurities adsorbed on the precipitate is greater than its adhesion, it will automatically flow down and discharge from the bottom of the electric tar catcher, and the net gas will leave from the top of the electric tar catcher and enter the next process.

The effectiveness of the treatment of coke oven smoke and dust remover is as follows

The coal material loaded into the carbonization chamber carries a large amount of air. At the beginning of coal loading, the oxygen in the air and the fine coal particles entering the furnace burn to produce carbon black and form black smoke. When the loaded coal contacts with the blazing furnace wall, a large amount of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and compounds are produced, accompanied by water vapor and hydrocarbon organic matter, and the flue gas turns dark yellow. Some of them enter into the gas collecting pipe of coke oven, and the other part overflows through the top vent and the gap of the door, which accounts for about 60% of the total emission of coke oven.

In the process of coal loading, there are a lot of harmful substances such as pulverized coal, raw gas, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the flue gas, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benzopyrene, 7,12-dimethylbenzoanthracene, 3-Grade-A cholanthrene, dibenzo pyrene, dibenzo (AI) pyrene, etc. if not treated, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment and worsen the working conditions, It causes great threat to the health of employees and violates the environmental protection policy. Therefore, it is necessary to take strong measures to strengthen the control of overflow flue gas during coal loading.

According to statistics, in the process of charging coal into coke oven, the pollutant emission of one ton of coal into coke oven is about 2.37kg, of which the main pollutants are solid particulate matter (TSP), benzopyrene (BAP), benzene soluble substance (BSO), sulfur dioxide (S02), etc. BSO emission is 0. The emission of BaP is 0.000908 kg / T coal and 499 kg / T coal. The harmful substances such as BAP have existed as the carrier of TSP. Therefore, the collection and treatment of TSP by pollutants is the key to control coke oven pollution.


2.Pulse bag type dust collector for coke trap system

The pulse bag filter of the coke blocking dust removal system adopts the two in one technology of coal loading and coke discharging dry dust removal, which combines the coal loading dust removal and coke discharging dust removal into a set of dust removal system. The coke powder adsorbed on the filter bag during the coke discharging dust removal process is used as the coating, so that the tar and dust in the inhaled flue gas during the coal charging process can not directly contact with the filter bag. The coke discharging dust removal and coal charging dust removal are operated alternately to ensure that the filter bag can be used for a long time without being stuck and blocked. The advantage of the system is that the two subsystems share one dust collector, one fan and one ash discharging and storing device.

The application effect of pulse bag filter in coke blocking dust removal system is as follows

(1) The dust concentration in the production area of coke oven is reduced by using the ground dust removal station system, and the production and operation environment of workers is purified. The coke oven dust treatment meets the emission standards of coking industry and environmental protection.

(2) After process improvement, the stability and reliability of the system are improved without any accident.

(3) Because of the simple operation and control, the service life of the system equipment is prolonged, especially the service life of the cloth bag. The system has been used for 18 months without changing the cloth bag, achieving the goal of economic operation.

(4) The successful application of the frequency conversion technology of the system not only saves the cost of electricity, but also ensures the stability of the main pipe suction of the system, which plays a key role in the stable operation of the whole dust removal system. At present, our company mainly applies three technologies: 1. Main tube belt car is used for coke blocking, and m-tube gas recovery technology is used for furnace top. 2. Main pipe belt car is used for coke blocking and smoke guiding technology is used for furnace top. 3. The pre spray bag is used for dust removal, and the double butt smoke guiding technology is adopted for the furnace top.



3.Pulse bag filter in ground station of coking plant

The coal loading and dust collection system consists of two parts. The top part of the furnace is a dust collection truck with dust collection device. It consists of movable smoke hood, smoke guide pipe, flue gas regulating valve, air control valve, valve, expansion connector and other components of smoke extraction system. Open the interface flap valve on the dust collection main through expansion connector. The flue gas emitted during coal loading is mixed with quantitative air, and sent to the ground station for purification treatment by dust collection main pipe and coke side dust removal. The other part is the ground station of dust purification with coal pushing and coal loading, and the fan, off-line pulse bag type dust collector, smoke exhaust unit with hydraulic coupling, dust collector recovery coke powder ash conveying device, corresponding electrical and instrument equipment, compressed air and cooling water system are set in the ground station.

The ground dust removal system of coking plant adopts the low-pressure ash cleaning method, and the spraying procedure and control time of filter bag are controlled by the electrical PLC system. The recovered dust can be sold out or pulled to the material yard for treatment. The design and treatment air volume of dust removal system is 60000m3 / h. under the condition of ensuring the dust removal effect and reliable operation of the dust removal system, the air volume is adjusted and determined according to the resistance of the dust removal system and the operation of coke oven.

The pulse bag dust collector of the ground station of coking plant adopts the domestic non combustion method of coal loading, and makes the collected coal loading dust enter the coal loading dust collection technology of dry dust removal ground station of coke side dust removal. It can capture the coal loading dust, transfer the flue gas from the top of the furnace and the ground station, regulate the temperature of the flue gas, and integrate the flue gas purification. The dust removal system of the coking plant uses the coke powder collected on the surface of the filter bag during the coke pushing process to prevent the dust from containing tar and water vapor binding filter bag during the coal loading process, thus ensuring the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Advantages of pulse bag dust collector in ground station of coking plant:

1. The non combustion method is used to mix a large amount of air into the coal loading dust removal, which makes the combustible content of the dust far lower than the lower explosion limit, which ensures that the dust enters the dust removal system;

2. The dust removal system on coke side collects dry coke powder and gas energy to absorb harmful components, tar and water in the coal loading dust, without considering measures such as heat preservation, heating and condensation prevention of dust removal equipment;

3. The low pressure pipe jet pulse dust remover is used in the surface dust removal system of coking plant, which greatly improves the dust removal capacity of the dust collector, prevents dust from sticking the filter material, and increases the system resistance;

4. The system design fully gives full play to the purification and treatment capacity of ground dust removal equipment. Through the special design and control of fan and pipeline system, the coal loading dust removal and coke side dust removal can be combined into a system, which can greatly save the investment in transformation.


4.Pulse bag filter in coal preparation workshop

The pulse bag filter in the coal preparation workshop absorbs the advantages of the original pulse bag filter, changes the original ash unloading system, simplifies the structure, and has the characteristics of large gas processing capacity, good purification effect, convenient operation, small maintenance, stable performance and reliable operation. Compared with the mechanical vibration dust remover, it also has the advantages of low working noise, long service life of filter bag, no mechanical movement wear and so on. It is suitable to be arranged on the top of all kinds of powder storehouses to collect all kinds of fine dry non fibrous dust. It is a simple storehouse dust remover.

Working principle of pulse bag filter in coal preparation workshop:

The dust air enters the dust box from the bottom of the dust remover. The coarse particles of dust settle down by their own gravity and fall into the ash bin. The fine dust is absorbed in the dust of the filter bag through various effects. With the increase of time, the resistance of the dust remover increases gradually, and the amount of treated gas decreases continuously, To keep the pressure loss within a certain range, it is necessary to absorb the ash on the outside of the bag wall.

In the process of ash cleaning, the controller sends out instructions to each electromagnetic pulse valve according to the requirements, so that the filter bag can shrink, expand and shrink rapidly in an instant. In the process of ash cleaning, the pressure loss of the dust collector and the amount of dust gas to be treated are almost unchanged, which is one of the characteristics of the pulse bag filter.












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