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Single layer pp welded filter sock


PE specification
Item    filter bag liquid filter felt
Construction    Needle felt
Fibre Composition    Polyester pp or nylon
Micro rating    1um 5um 10um 25um 50um 75um 100um 125um 150um 200um 250um 300um

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Structure way: thread sewing and fully welding
Fully welded liquid filter bags
Fully-welded construction for high efficiency and bypass-free filtration
•    Fully-welded construction with Sffiltech filter bag seal ring provides 100% bypass-free filtration
•    The pressure-activated Sffiltech filter seal ring provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal which adapts to any bag filter housing
•    Material is free from silicone and crater-forming substances
•    Special heat set and polish surface treatment significantly reduces fiber release
•    Stable and flexible welded seams that adapt to the restrainer basket
•    The handles in the ring make replacing the filter bag quick and easy
•    Sffiltech strongly recommends the use of an insertion tool that facilitates the insertion of the filter bag into the bag filter housing and ensures the correct alignment of the filter bag inside the restrainer basket

HS code: 59119000 for filter bag
1. Plastic film inside and big carton outside
2. some time pallets
3.We make package as customer requirement
4.We are sure our package well protected the goods well.
5.usually our goods by sea, if small orders, we also can choose the airplane or Ali express or Fedex UPS DHL and so on
6.We can offer the OEM label in the woven bag if quantity is big
7. We have our own forwarder but if you have, we also can use your forwarder to ship the polyester dust filter bag

Why choose us?
1.We exported from 2006, more than 10 year experiences for export market, so we know well of the abroad working condition
2.We are factory:
1.1 Our factory started from 1996, the first numbers person in the filtration business, so our technician person more than 14 experiences, we know the bag house working condition very well and can offer you our honest suggestion.
1.2 Our needle punched line technician have more than 15 years experience.
1.3 Our filter bag making technician have more than 16 years experience.
1.4 We know the china filtration market well also, our goods are around anywhere in china bag house,
so we can offer you our best filter bag solution, which can make you save me and get better filtration function.
1.5 We focus on high quality filter bag only.with automatic filter bag tube line, our filter bag made very well.
1.6 We test materials and filter bags one by one before shipment with high-tech equipment
1.7 We have strong after-sales service, service team best service for you.
1.8 We accept any quantity orders for better service our customers.
1.9 Our factory person is local person, so our goods is stable
2.0 We have sample stock for next order, so you can get your data at any time when you come to us for next order.
3.Low MOQ: our factory have many stock filter felt and fiberglass and other materials, so we can make any quantity order for you.
4.Low price: We try our best to make sure our price are the lowest anywhere,factory lowest price for you a better deal almost every time. We are proud to help you save money on the products you want.
5.Good quality and Certification:we passed FDA,MSDS,Fabric test report and ISO9001 and others.filter bag liquid producing workshop as above

500 micron filter bag factory detail
500 micron filter bag top sewing detail

Package area
We test each 500 micron filter bag before shipment

Product Packing

Key Sffiltech filter Applications
•    Paints and varnishes
•    Inks
•    Chemicals
•    Process water

Product Processing

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