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  • Backwashing automatic filter housing system DFX series

    Popis:DKD is the world's leading manufacturer of self cleaning filter, it has a full series of scraper type self cleaning filter products, three sub series, applicable to different occasions, to fully meet the industrial customers a variety of mechanical self cleaning filtration requirements.

  • Backwashing automatic filter housing system DFM DFG series

    Popis:Liquid flows from the inlet, internal spiral flexible scraper 100% attached to the surface of the filter element, liquid flows from inner surface of filter element to outward, and impurities will be trapped in the inner surface and liquid flowing out from the outlet; as time goes on, the impurities are gradually increasing, and the differential pressure is rising, which needs to clean the filter element according to the differential pressure or regularly.

  • Backwashing automatic filter housing system BCMseries

    Popis:BCM full automatic back washing filter housing is suitable for filtering high flow, high speed, low viscosity fluid particle impurity.
    BCM full automatic back washing filter housing is a mechanical and electrical products, with advantages of reasonable design, high filtration efficiency, low operating costs, continuous filtration in back washing process, etc., which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electric power, oilfield injection water, ballast water, environment-friendly water treatment, etc..

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