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Synthetic fiber pockets filter class M5 to F9


Type: Multi pockets filter
Media: Ultrafine synthetic fiber
Frame: Galvanised steel/Aluminum/ABS
Recommended final pressure drop: 500Pa
Temperature: 90ºC maximum in continuous service

Model Dimensions(mm)
of pocket
Filter classification 
(m3/h /Pa)
Air Flow/Pressure
SFF-G3  592×592×600 6 G3 3400/25 <20
SFF-G4  592×592×600 6 G4 3400/45 30-40
SFF-F5  592×592×600 6 F5 3400/55 40-60
SFF-F6  592×592×600 8 F6 3400/60 60-80
SFF-F7  592×592×600 8 F7 3400/90 80-90
SFF-F8 F9  592×592×600 8 F8 F9 3400/120 90-95
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Super Synthetic Fiber Pockets Filter,Class M5 to F8

From the upstream to the downstream,the fiber density changed from loose to compact,for large dust holding capacity
PP composite membrane on the material,ensure the filtering efficiency for small size particles
Hot melt processing,materials are strong and beautiful
"V" shaped filter bag,internal inlaid with multi "V" shape small pockets,build perfect "V" shape air channel
The integration design of the frame increase the overall structural strength and minimize the pressure drop
The metal edge of the inside frame rolled to be smoothly shape, make the maintenance operation more safely
The efficiency and dust holding capacity are comparable to glass fiber

Application: The main filter of ventilation system

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