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Shanghai filterbag factory Co., Ltd. is one of the leading & professional companies on the dust filtration & separation products in China. What we are doing is that we try our best to take away dust from air; to keep human beings living environment fresh & clean ; to serve the companies needing bag filter system parts and related products. Our company have six production lines of needle punched felt production lines, dozens of filter bag sewing machines.We have excellent & professional work team to going on filtration technical test and quality control. Our company and filter bag products have won a good reputation at home and abroad recent years.

Our needle punched felts including polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid, P84, glass-fiber, PTFE, and the multi-fibers are widely used in dust separation & filtration fields. We can make the filter bag cloth in treatment of water & oil repellent, antistatic, PTFE coating, Teflon latex pregnancy, PTFE membrane lamination, silicon & graphic and so on. Our professional filter bag sewing workers can also guarantee and provide you the best quality filter bags.
At the same time we make carbon steel filter bag cages & stainless steel filter bag cages to meet our customer needs .
Ürünlerimizin en önemli avantajı fiberglas malzemedir. Kendi bezlerimizi örüyoruz, böylece ihtiyacınıza göre çok yüksek performanslı ve yüksek mukavemetli bezlerimizi de sunabiliriz. Ayrıca, aramid, cam ipliği, PPS, PTFE ve diğer ilgili malzemelerin yüksek performanslı filtre torbası dikiş iplikleri de sunabiliriz.
In the meanwhile, we are on the role of the manufacturer of high performance filter bag tubing automatic sewing lines & auto filter bag cage welding production lines. If you need any kind of these products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shanghai filter bag factory co., ltd will give you prompt response and the best service.