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W type mini-pleated molecular filter


Type:Type:W Type Mini-pleated molecular filter
Media:Active carbon media/Ion exchange resin
Frame:ABS/Galvanized steel/Stainless steel
Separator:Hot melt glue
Temperature:40ºC maximum in continuous service

Thickness      Vs Efficiency vs pressure drop
Thickness Initial efficiency
Pressure drop(pa)@2.5m/s
Inches (mm) Type A Type B
12 292 95% 96% 80

Dimensions vs Air flow
Dimensions(W*H) Air flow(m3/h)
Inches (mm) @2.5m/s
24*24 592*592 3700
24*12 592*287 1900
24*22 592*495 2800
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"W" Type Mini-Pleated Molecular Filter

Double-layer non-woven with high quality media inside,which imported from Germany
Carbon content 250-500g/㎡,get high efficiency and long life
Large air flow capacity,can be used under the conventional air flow
Flexibility to choose medium according to different pollutant
The best initial efficiency would be 99%

Application: Molecular filters for most air conditioning system,widely used in semiconductor industry,bio-pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering,precision machinery,instrumentation and museums.

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